Evoke Motorcycles’ Urban Series 2020 went into production on the 1st August 2019. In order to achieve a better experience for our riders, we have made several changes.

These improvements bring us a great feeling of accomplishment, as we, continuously, work towards attaining the betterment of the Electric Vehicle Industry.

Starting with the Sine Wave Inverter; Evoke Motorcycles has made it smoother, smarter and even more powerful on our 2020 smart electric motorcycles, currently at 800 phase amps, which is double of what our 2019 models had.


We have, also, remapped our throttle on our motorcycles to, simultaneously, be more powerful and easier to control, giving it a more natural feeling for a better riding experience.

Adding to this, we have adapted a better display with a non-touch LCD screen. On our previous models, to switch between modes, our riders would have to park the motorcycles, press a button to unlock the screen, and then switch to their preferred modes.

This change gives our riders the ability to switch modes while in motion. Just like honking, with just the press of a button, one gets a smooth transition from Pro mode to City and vice-versa, when, say, going from the highway to an alleyway or vice-versa.

Our new Electronic Control Unit (ECU), version 1.15, which controls the software, batteries and screen have been installed in our latest motorcycles.

This gives vehicle diagnostics and improves experience, with better performance. The ECU has given our smart e-motorcycles rapid response, and due to this, the refresh rate is accelerated.

Source : Press Release Evoke Motorcycles

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