All about the new 2021 Honda CB400 Super four

 All about the new 2021 Honda CB400 Super four

Last year we did say about Honda has a definite plan to discontinue the CB400SF aka the CB400 Super four.

However, it doesn’t look like Honda wants to part with the most this model. The rich history of CB400SF goes back when Honda started production of CB400SF in 1992 in the Kumamoto plant.

Now as per the latest rumours Honda is all bringing the new CB400SF 2021 and will unveil in Thailand.

The new 2021 will arrive with multiple amendments in structure and specs.

Old pic of CB400SF

A few days ago there were rumours about the Honda having definite plans to bring the CB400SF with upgrades.

However, for Japan, the launch date is revealed.

And Honda plans to introduce the new 2021 model in Thailand where it could be exported to other countries.

In 1992 CB400SF arrived on the scene and it was last updated in 2018 with increased power, to 55hp under the project name BIG 1.

So what changes do we see in the 2021 model?

  • While the displacement remains the same. There are chances that power may increase from 55hp to 56hp at 11000 rpm and maximum torque of 39 Nm at 9500 rpm.
  • Also additional it may feature the VTEC engine.
  • A new and robust design is what is expected for the 2021 CB400SF.
  • Gear transmission will remain as is which is the six-speed gearbox.
  • Honda may plan to introduce a new cylinder head with certain upgrades on the fuel combustion front. Which is all set to improve.
  • Will the new CB400SF is still not clear? If it does we think Honda does have an advantage here.

Overall a very clear and ambitious plan from Honda to upgrade to the CB400SF and if there are no delays we may see the new 2021 CB400SF soon on the roads.

As of now, we are not sure if the CB400SF will arrive on the Indian shores. However, if it does it may carry a heavy price tag beyond Rs 6 Lakhs.


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