This incredibly rare 1978 Ducati 900 SS was purchased by a collector who happened to be a Ducati dealer then. This bike is practically new, ridden for only 8 to 10 hours maximum. 

What makes it even more remarkable is it is extremely rare, being the first of only 12 to 13 explicitly built for the legendary Mike Hailwood. 

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No plate 1

The Ducati was created by the owners of Ducati NCR, Giorgio Nipoti and Rino Caracchi, and has the unique plate number 1. 

This particular bike was built for Mike Hailwood when he returned to motorbike racing after his successful car racing career, and he went on to win the famous Isle of Man race on the first attempt in 1978. It’s incredible that such a rare and special bike still exists in such pristine condition!

Hailwood was an incredible motorcycle racer, winning an impressive 76 Grand Prix race. He was a nine-time world champion, dominating the Isle of Man TT with 14 victories.

Following the conclusion of his motorcycle racing career, he fearlessly ventured into other classes of car racing, including the illustrious Formula One, thereby cementing his status as one of the rare individuals to compete at the Grand Prix level in both motorcycle and car racing.

At the age of 38, he fearlessly returned to motorcycle racing and went on to clinch a resounding triumph at the 1978 Isle of Man TT.

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His skill and dedication earned him four consecutive 500 cc world championships, cementing his place in motorcycle racing history.

 It was a highly coveted bike in high demand among racers in 1978. Nipoti and Caracchi crafted a limited series of 12/13 NCRs that was a hit with racers. 


Bevel motor

This bike was built with magnesium and boasted a rare bevel engine, proving successful among other racers. 

I’ve been informed that complete documentation of this collector’s item exists, including photos of this excellent racing bike handover at Ducati NCR in Bologna. Witnessing such a sight must have been truly remarkable!

It is essential to note the pricing is solely determined by the seller’s discretion. Please refer to the link provided below for further details on pricing.

Source: Classicdriver

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