We understand that every Arai helmet is diligently handmade by artisan and women to play active contributors in Arai’s mission to present the highest level of protection and quality.

From the paint to the shell to the liner, the work is performed by hand by experienced, focused specialists.

Arai has launched a new helmet that has some fresh graphics on it with the name “DRAGON. “


All the above is made available on the open face helmet ” VZ-RAM.”

The history of the VZ-RAM is new and arrives since 2018, also a successor to the “SZ series.”

This state of the art helmet comes with certain graphic goodies capable of attracting any motorcycle riders.

What does the new VZ-Ram get?

  • A new VAS shield that helps to open and close smoothly.
  • The visor also gets the wide-angle view that comes with proper ventilation and appreciated in the motorcycle world.
  • The graphic model “DRAGON” is an open face version of the full face design “XD Dragon.” 
  • Dragon illustration from the rear part to the top is painted with black and has the letter ” Dragon.”
  • Even with an open face, it expresses “power,” “intimidation,” and “individual assertion” graphically, realizing an overwhelming presence that provokes what you see.
  • The sizes are 54cm, 55-56cm, 57-58cm, 59-60cm, 61-62cm.
  • The price in Japan is 59,400 yen. In the US, the price starts from $695.

Source: Arai

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