News : Intelligent helmet gets brake light

 News : Intelligent helmet gets brake light

Joe Doucet a New York based designer has answered one of the most important questions.

Can a helmet actually prevent accidents?

There is a reported 80% chance of injury or death on a motorcycle in the event of an accident, compared to about 20% for passenger vehicles. While most helmets are designed to minimize injury after an accident, Sotera is designed to actually prevent them by making the rider more visible to other drivers.

The helmet is equipped with a USB rechargeable LED lighting panel to make the rider much more noticeable in an array of lighting conditions. Built-in accelerometers detect when the rider is braking and switch to a red color, alerting drivers behind them.

Fiberglass and polycarobonate are two most important components of this helmet.The visor is transparent

The objective of this helmet to prevents accidents before they take place.The functionality works in way when rider puts the brakes the lower half of the helmet will illuminate with red light thus giving a warning to the other riders that brakes of the bike has been pushed and it will increase the attention.

The helmet signals to other riders and people on the road when the rider has applied brakes.Joe has not applied patent for this idea and he has requested manufacturers to collaborate his idea other products.

Pic Credits :  JOE DOUCET

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