2020 Suzuki GSX-S750 arrives plus information related to the new patent

 2020 Suzuki GSX-S750 arrives plus information related to the new patent

Since the 2020 model arrives, there are also new patents. There is no change in the engine specs and technical specs.

Release of 2020 model GSX-S750

GSX-S750 color lineup

2019 model GSX-S750 color lineup

[Continued] Triton Blue Metallic (YSF) [Discontinued] Pearl Glacier White (YWW) [Continued] Matt Black Metallic No.2 (YKV)

2020 model GSX-S750 color lineup

[New color] Triton Blue Metallic [New color] Matt Black Metallic No.2 [New color] Pearl Glacier White / Glass Sparkle Black  base color is the same, but it is a new color. Which side has changed will be compared below.

2020 model GSX-S750 price

  • 2019: 969,840 yen (excluding tax: 898,000 yen)
  • 2020: 988,800 yen (excluding tax: 898,000 yen)

The price is unchanged. It hasn’t changed since the GSR750 era.

Summary of changes in GSX-S750 for 2020 model

Price and specifications

  • No changes in specifications or equipment
  • Price is unchanged

Comparison of 2020 Blue and 2019 Blue

  • Silencer: Black
  • Rim stripe: white
  • Under cowl: Matte black
  • Some tank covers: Matte black
  • Decal: Change

Comparison between 2020 White and 2019 White

Mostly different except the tank cover and front hood.

2019 was a refreshing, but 2020 has a sense of adult and youth. 

We particularly liked the 2019 White, but the 2020 White is also right.

Comparison of 2020 Black and 2019 Black

  • Rim stripe: None
  • Decal: Change
  • Silencer: Silver

Why is the silencer silver?We like black silencer, though.However, if the body is black and the silencer is silver that again looks cool.

2021 model? There is also a patent for the new GSX-S750.

There is also a patent filed in November 2017, but the figure is of GSR750. License for exhaust devices.

By the way, the GSR750 has an exhaust device; the GSX-S750 has no exhaust device. Is there EURO5, and will it follow again? It’s almost like that. 

The 2021 model is a mystery, but isn’t it probably a new model? The question is how the model will be in Europe and Japan that we would like to focus on as we get more information shortly.

Official Source : Suzuki Twitter

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