Since the 2020 model arrives, there are also new patents. There is no change in the engine specs and technical specs.

Release of 2020 model GSX-S750

GSX-S750 color lineup

2019 model GSX-S750 color lineup


[Continued] Triton Blue Metallic (YSF) [Discontinued] Pearl Glacier White (YWW) [Continued] Matt Black Metallic No.2 (YKV)

2020 model GSX-S750 color lineup

[New color] Triton Blue Metallic [New color] Matt Black Metallic No.2 [New color] Pearl Glacier White / Glass Sparkle Black  base color is the same, but it is a new color. Which side has changed will be compared below.

2020 model GSX-S750 price

  • 2019: 969,840 yen (excluding tax: 898,000 yen)
  • 2020: 988,800 yen (excluding tax: 898,000 yen)

The price is unchanged. It hasn’t changed since the GSR750 era.

Summary of changes in GSX-S750 for 2020 model

Price and specifications

  • No changes in specifications or equipment
  • Price is unchanged

Comparison of 2020 Blue and 2019 Blue

  • Silencer: Black
  • Rim stripe: white
  • Under cowl: Matte black
  • Some tank covers: Matte black
  • Decal: Change

Comparison between 2020 White and 2019 White

Mostly different except the tank cover and front hood.

2019 was a refreshing, but 2020 has a sense of adult and youth. 

We particularly liked the 2019 White, but the 2020 White is also right.

Comparison of 2020 Black and 2019 Black

  • Rim stripe: None
  • Decal: Change
  • Silencer: Silver

Why is the silencer silver?We like black silencer, though.However, if the body is black and the silencer is silver that again looks cool.

2021 model? There is also a patent for the new GSX-S750.

There is also a patent filed in November 2017, but the figure is of GSR750. License for exhaust devices.

By the way, the GSR750 has an exhaust device; the GSX-S750 has no exhaust device. Is there EURO5, and will it follow again? It’s almost like that. 

The 2021 model is a mystery, but isn’t it probably a new model? The question is how the model will be in Europe and Japan that we would like to focus on as we get more information shortly.

Official Source : Suzuki Twitter

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