Interview : Magic of Kentauros

Interview : Magic of Kentauros

Kentauros aka Francesco Bellesi is responsible for bringing some of the coolest motorcycle designs.In the motorcycle build process, it largely depends upon how the motorcycle is designed, off-course the idea comes first and it later on defines the aspect of man and motorcycle relationship after motorcycle is build.

Be it a Caferacer, Flat Tracker or Granturismo. Kentauros ideas are filled with expressions. They are subtle, bold, tempting and larger than life motorcycle designs.

Here is what Kentauros has to say about his designs and more.

Kentauros on his motorcycle

1.Where does the name Kentauros come from?
Kentauros : I have always liked the mythological figure Centaur and I believe that every motorcyclist in the end feels a bit like that. In my vision, motorcycles and pilots are an inseparable pair: the aesthetics of a motorcycle is deeply tied to functionality.

But motorcycle is not just a vehicle, it contains many emotional aspects. I wanted to represent some of them even in the logo, with a touch of irony: the helmet is styled like a Spartan helmet (the rider who lowers his visor before the start reminds me of the warrior who wears the helmet before the battle).

The arrangement of the various graphic elements recalls the pirate symbol (free and outside the box), with the helmet instead of the skull and a pencil with a wrench (symbols of aesthetics and functionality) instead of cross bones.

2.What is your inspiration in making fantastic motorcycle designs?
Kentauros :
I highly value any reference to the history of the brand to interpret it correctly, but I often enjoy pushing myself further, without considering it an unbeatable constraint.

I love the design, the music and the excitement of the sixties and seventies, but I’m not nostalgic, I always try to keep my eye on current trends. Then it depends on what music I listen to while I work ;).

3.How do you see the current motorcycle trend as it is more towards electric motorcycles?So do you have any plans to design electric motorcycles?
Kentauros :
Sustainable mobility is an urgent and essential requirement. But globally, motorcycles as a recreational vehicle are an infinitesimal niche compared to the millions of vehicles that circulate for normal transport needs, and the impact on the environment must be assessed accordingly. So the electric motorcycle has great importance to me, but not as a substitute for the traditional one.

However, I am witnessing a general trend that leads to designing electric motorcycles as substitutes for traditional ones, when the absence of the typical internal combustion engine constraints would make it possible to do completely different things.

In essence, there is the possibility of creating a new type of vehicle, but one tries (perhaps for marketing reasons) to disguise it as a traditional motorcycle. Creating a “real” electric motorcycle is a challenge I’d like to measure myself against.

4.What is the most important thing that you keep in mind while designing the motorcycles?
Kentauros :
It must be desirable. The “smart” bike is an invention of marketing. The bike must excite, and the rider must find the same emotions he had at first glance. So it must be beautiful and keep its promises.

5.How do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Kentauros :
I like to design motorcycles, I love to write about motorcycles, I love riding motorcycles. So in 5 years I see myself as a trout fisherman in Norway. But always with a motorcycle by my side :).

Some of Kentauros Work

Source : Kentauros 

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