The time has come for yet another coveted custom motorcycle from Bandit9 to make its way out into the wild. This time, it’s a Supermarine built for a client. 

Incorporating all manner of racecar-like aerodynamic touches to both the chassis and super sharp bodywork.This particular Supermarine comes endowed with a highly potent engine as well as an advanced suspension setup.

All of that work has now paid off, with Bandit9 officially unveiling the completed Supermarine Concept. 


They executed the exterior design with seamless precision. And the look is what you might expect; this is customizing at its finest.

The modern art

It looks almost exactly as it did in the original concept drawings. And it’s a stunning motorcycle to behold. 

The paint job is a ceramic one with a granite texture, and it’s a look that is unique in the custom motorcycle world.

With its familiar, rounded nose that protrudes into the atmospherei Its canopy that looks like it has both warmed and cooled in the wind tunnel, the Supermarine is a delight to behold! 

Inspired by the Mobula Ray, the Supermarine’s air-slick body maximizes air flow

Impeccable design and modern class

The carbon fiber bodywork looks stunning when viewed from the outside. But the real beauty lies in what lies beneath it – in this case, mid-mounted engines. 

The modern Triumph Twin Engine is a British workhorse with sophisticated tuning that makes the Supermarine suited for the Salt Flats and Savile Row. 

It’s a bare-knuckle boxer in an English suit. The Supermarine comes standard with 900cc, upgradable to 1200cc.

Keep your tires on the ground with Nitrons or upgrade to Ohlins

Lovely details are sprinkled everywhere.With a fantastic array of air scoops providing outlets for air management devices that will do away with most of the aerodynamics nightmares plaguing general aviation aircraft.

The Supermarine’s frame comes constructed from lightweight. And strong 7075 Aluminum or carbon fiber aluminium.The bike also offers a selection of standard and modified bodywork materials. 


Over 400 components were precision cut using the latest technology with tolerances measured in microns (1μm = 0.00039 inch)

These include carbon fiber (or an even lighter and stronger graphite-based fabric), titanium, Kevlar, and aluminium. 

The Supermarine weighs around 190 to 216 kgs. Which means it should also match up favourably with other motorcycles in its class when it comes to power-to-weight figures. 

You can also choose suspensions from Nitron or Ohlins suspensions, as well as Brembo or Beringer Aerotec brakes.


The Supermarine comes with Brembos or upgrade to Beringer Aerotecs

Still, there’s something about that perfect profile that makes you think it must be fun to ride. 

This exact dichotomy between an object’s outward appearance and inner workings has always fascinated me with the concept of motorcycles. 

Every once in a while, one comes along, which looks gorgeous and promises performance to match.

It does! Very simply.

via Bandit9

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