The Norden 901 is an exciting machine, but we’re as excited to get to know its test rider Lyndon Poskitt. It’s a pretty unique gig, and the Brit is undoubtedly qualified.

Poskitt has been riding bikes since he was young.And he’s spent years learning how to handle some of the most challenging terrains in the world.

It took him many years to be given this opportunity.But now we can all see how he interprets Husqvarna’s feedback and turns it into real-world testing.


Join the revolution

With any new platform, the goal is to identify best-in-class technologies. And features and the most efficient overall solution.

Selecting the Swedish adventurer for this role was an easy decision.As his travels have led him to many corners of the globe.

Furthermore, many long-range travel options are available today. Such as quads, boats, and even regular motorcycles.

We felt that including a bike in this category would offer an optimal way to traverse all types of terrain.

More importantly than that? Horn and Poskitt are completely unbiased riders who value comfort.Performance, utility, and more while travelling cross-country.

“What I love about this machine is that it’s not just a motorbike,” asserts Poskitt. “It’s a motorbike, a side-by-side, an all-terrain vehicle, and a trail bike all rolled into one.

It can do pretty much anything from racing on the road to riding off the road comfortably on two wheels.

Husqvarna has successfully engineered a heavy-duty motorcycle. That handles incredibly well in the dirt and on the road.

With its impressive torque delivery.The bike is also easy to ride and makes it possible to blaze down back roads as fast as your license allows. And then have fun getting deep into nature.”

He further said, “Developing the 901 alongside our team is the best-case scenario,” says Poskitt.

“Being a real-world user and having already travelled through pretty much all conditions. That a bike like this will encounter helps me push the boundaries of the platform. To its limits and give feedback directly to the engineers.”

via LyndonPoskittRacing

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