Benda BD999. Coolest Cooler, Hydrogen-powered motorcycle

 Benda BD999. Coolest Cooler, Hydrogen-powered motorcycle

The body may arrive with the most modern materials, not only for the outer layer but also for the vehicle’s inside. 

The most exciting aspect of this vehicle is that it runs on electrolysis approach.

The turbine engine then converts water into energy using micro gas technology. There will be no loss of power with Benda motorcycles because there is no need to change the battery during use.

The exterior of the BD999 reflects the beauty of a wine bottle. The streamlined design gives the impression of speed even when it is still. 


The engine mounts are chrome made, which is reminiscent of refined materials. 

It is quite different from ordinary motorcycles that come with iron-made mountings.

The design of Benda BD999 looks like a combination of classical and modern, such as LED light bars at the front, suspension upside down, slipper clutch system. 

Even the fuel supply system is fascinating. The car will use clean hydrogen in its four-cylinder engine with a volume of 1000 cc so that you can travel up to 300 kilometres without refuelling.

 If this is true, China’s tourism activities are foreseen to increase since many people want to go on long journeys by motorcycle.


How it will work?

The four-cylinder BD999, a “hydro-powered” motorcycle, requires just hydrogen and doesn’t need oil.

It will work on the electrolysis mechanism, which will use fuel from water (H2O). 

Later electrolysis will separate H2O in Oxygen 02 and flammable hydrogen H, which will help for combustion.

Hydro-powered motorcycles are not new. But for a product that can also become a mass product in the future, it is rare. 

We’re not sure what it will cost, but we’re assuming it won’t be cheap. 

What we do know, however, is that Benda is designing this hydro-powered four-cylinder bike to sell and will an eye towards the Chinese market.

via Newmotor


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