Our friends from Bikesocial have revealed the pictures of two new Benelli models that are coming up.

Benelli files the design patents for these two upcoming motorcycles. 600 N and Imperiale 530.

600 N

Benelli might well look to restore the 600i with 600N. The reason being 600i has not been updated for many years.


And there is one good reason for the 2020 600i that recently went on sale in China hasn’t received as many updates as was expected apart from the front end.

If we take a look at the 600 N picture, we can clearly see the inline-four engine gets carried forward from 600i.

However, on the styling front, it is an all-new package and much sharper when compared to the 600i

The new 600 N design looks like it is inspired by Kawasaki’s Sugomi style of building bikes, and it does look similar to a Z1000. The 600 N gets the three bulbed headlights.

Also, from the picture, we could see the seat pf 600i goes down a little. 600 N looks more brawny and meaner.

About the 600 N, this is the third and new design in a row that Benelli is patented.

Imperiale 530

The second design patent is Imperiale 530.

Visually there is not much difference between the Imperiale 400 and 530.

But the other good thing is it gets the 530cc engine which takes over from the small displacement 374cc engine, may well increase the power above 30hp.

Benelli predicts the launch timing of the 600n to be around May and Imperiale to arrive in July

However, we may see new dates coming in due to Corona pandemic again that could mean a bit of a wait for potential customers. So expect the dates postponed by a month or so.

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