Our friends from Bennetts has brought important news about Benelli.

And the news is something to look forward. Benelli is currently working on ten new motors.

Yes, you heard it right ten new motors.


Parallel working on ten new motors is a tremendous task.

All may not be new motors a few motors will get upgrades, and few may come from other manufacturers.

However, we still feel its a humongous task.

And the top motor which comes is inline-four 1000cc motor, and the pictures were available on the internet a few days ago as a teaser.


The 1000cc was the same motor which we saw in the second-gen MV Agusta F4.

The news is an extension to the very recent partnership between M Agusta and QJ. Qianjiang Group, as we know, is Benelli’s parent company.

Other motors we could see are the 650cc taking the place of the 600cc and one the example is 650 GT which is to arrive soon.

The 650cc will also replace TNT 600 and SRG 600. However, SRG 600 has already arrived in China.

So it will be quite interesting as to how Benelli upgrades the 600cc SRG motor to 650cc.

On the other front, Benelli is also working on the 1200cc and 900cc motors. Benelli also plans to stack the 900cc in the suspended TNT 899i. 

The older 1200cc motor is already handy to the 1200 GT which was also recently unveiled in China. 

Other capacities may involve 400cc, 700cc and 900cc and they are in addition to the motors of 300cc, 750cc and 500cc.

And then we could also see the 380cc, 250cc and 530cc all with a single cylinder. And largest motor could be stacked in the Benelli Imperiale 400 BS6.

When it comes to India, Benelli does have an aggressive strategy, and the process is the conversion of seven existing BS4 models to BS6.

However, the recent news of Benelli working on ten new motors meant India might get additional platforms.

And this is excellent news for Benelli fans in India.

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