The adventure-touring motorcycle market segment is one of the most profitable for manufacturers. With a sales volume growing steadily. 

These insights also coincide with user preferences worldwide. As motorcycles become more accepted as transportation tools in developed and developing nations alike.

Even though the Royal Enfield HIKER 6.5 Adventure concept is based on an ADV.The brand will also get a new segment by revamping its portfolio completely. 



Keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of customers who have been using motorcycles for years but want to own a bike that appears macho and adventurous. 

The new Royal Enfield concept motorcycle will open up new possibilities.As this bike will outrun all other modified bikes in terms of its design, performance, functionality and power.

And famous Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi has designed a new Royal Enfield HIKER 6.5 Adventure. That shows why is it necessary for Royal Enfield to venture into the 650cc ADV segment.


Let us see what Bezzi has to say.

The Royal Enfield proposed that a 650 air-cooled bike engine appears as ADV in a CLASSIC suit.

A far from the far too narrow. And basic HIMALAYAN single cylindrical motorcycle that RE offers today in the off-road sector.

The HIKER 6.5, although designed for adventurous trips and bumpy routes.Would offer a more affluent and refined image for those who wish for a more comfortable motorcycle. And a more engaging aesthetic appeal.

Very well equipped at a cyclical level with components suitable for complex and intensive use.Technically simple and sturdy. 

The new proposal is addressed to those who do not like stylistic excesses. And want an elegant and sober vehicle tied to an image traditional one though framed in a relatively new genre like the crossover one.

Many accessories, both functional and aesthetic.Can make the bike set up according to the owner’s wishes.


Source: Oberdan Bezzi

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