The famous Italian Brand Cagiva appears to make a return and return with style.

Why “Style” because Cagiva plans to make electric motorcycles and not motorcycles with combustion engines. And that makes it entirely an electric motorcycle company.


The history of Cagiva goes back to 1978 when it was born. And the objective was to make combustion engine motorcycles.


Throughout its journey, the brand underwent various restructures. And many times, there was a change in owners.M V Agusta owned Cagiva, and the last Cagiva came out of its stable was in 2012.

While M V Agusta underwent a series of challenges, however, under the new CEO, Timur Sardarov, it looks stable. 

At the same time, he is taking multiple initiatives to make Agusta a competitive brand.Further, the brand is trying to enter into the electric arena via Cagiva.

On the other hand, Cagiva plans to to bring its first electric bike sometime in the future.

Now the vital question arises as to what can Caviga offer?

However, that doesnt hold the Italian designer Oberdan Bezzi from putting some concepts on paper.

Let’s see what he proposes.

There was a time when Italian motorcycle houses were driven by competent. And passionate owners who proudly tried always to be the first to propose new and intriguing models. Maybe sometimes superseding the logic of market costs and opportunities. 


CAGIVA C-70 RACE CONCEPT by Oberdan Bezzi

Often alone for the priceless yet straightforward taste of having the best product in the range.

Indeed one of these was Claudio Castiglioni. The protagonist in the 80 s of the Italian motorcycle scene, leading a group that collected many of the most prestigious brands.

Of course, times change. It’s in fact that today the brand that marked the entrepreneurial debut of the Castiglioni brothers in motorcycles, that is CAGIVA (which we remember stands for Castiglioni Giovanni Varese). 

It has been practically inactive for many years.Even though lately the new property seems to want to deputize the production of motorcycles electric to this brand.

Instead, enthusiasts probably want a friendly bicylindrical sportswoman of about 700 cc with at least a hundred horses, super lightweight and cycling gifted.

A compact and aggressive medium that placed at the top of the category of sports averages both in performance terms and of aesthetic appeal.

Perhaps with high cost but with the unique charisma, accentuated even by the only available colour, the red of 500 from the Grand Prix.

Here’s CAGIVA C-70 RACE CONCEPT unrealizable dream.


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