Bezzi presents the dapper Voge 525 RR sports concept

Bezzi presents the dapper Voge 525 RR sports concept

Voge is the premium brand of Loncin, a Chinese industrial giant founded in 1983 and now has more than 9,000 employees and produces more than 2.5 million motorcycles, 3 million engine blocks and 150,000 ATVs annually.

Loncin also produces electric cars, scooters, generators, lawnmowers, industrial machines and helicopter drones. Loncin also develops parts for major car brands such as Volkswagen, Mercedes, Ford, Audi and Volvo.

Motorcycles under the Voge brand are new in Europe. However, motorcycles produced by Loncin have been driving around on our roads for years.

For example, in 2005, Loncin entered into a partnership with BMW to develop and produce BMW’s scooter platform and in 2019 with MV Agusta to develop a new range of 350cc and 500cc engines.

In September 2021, our colleagues from Cycleworld reported the future arrival of 525R—a sporty naked model—and the 250RR sportbike.


Voge 525R

And this news came via Chinese approval documents. The 525R will have a para twin 471cc powerplant made by Loncin. 

The design resembles the mid-capacity CB500F from Honda, however more aggressive similar to KTM Duke.

It is worthwhile to note the 525R will arrive with a larger capacity 494cc engine with power going up 47 hp to 53 hp.

Voge 525RR Concept by Bezzi

And it is logical to think, unlike Honda’s CB500R, the sports sibling of CB500F. It will be wise to bring the sports machine having the same platform as 525R with the same 494cc engine.

Bezzi now goes one step beyond by adding one more ‘ R ‘ in 525R and thus creates the 525RR concept.

However, his job doesnt end by simply adding ‘ R ‘ to the existing name. He creates a chic 525RR Sports concept with a chiselled fuel tank, sharp lines and aggressive front.

Golden yellow rims compliment the red bodywork, supported by carbon fibre racing exhaust under the seats.



Voge 525RR concep by Bezzi

Let’s see what Bezzi has to say

“The LONCIN Premium Brand, VOGE, will soon present a new model, almost certainly a sporty naked, equipped with a new 525cc bike. 

That will go away to replace the 471cc unit. Present in some models of the range and an infinite number of motorcycles from other Brands.

Let us, therefore, assume that in a second moment, the so-called propeller will be able to move also a more sporty motorcycle, much more sporty, for the happiness of the Chinese and of all those countries where they want to market their products.

Unlike traditional bikes, we would like the new 525 RR to have level components and racing solutions such as the single rear arm, superaggressive aesthetics. 

And very content weight to allow about 55CV of the propeller to express very satisfactory performance and effectively entertain young people Riders.

And even in the old continent, it could be successful among the enthusiasts who can’t or don’t want to invest enormous sums for too powerful and challenging motorcycles”.

We at LivingWithGravity would like to see this concept in production that goes hand in hand with its naked sibling 525 R and will be more cost-effective.

via Oberdan Bezzi and Voge

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