In 1960, the first G.Brembo calliper presented to the public at the Milan Auto Show. A development based on advanced technology of the time and affordable price, capable of meeting all road riders’ demands.

Since then, braking systems have undergone an evolution that has seen Brembo evolve, extending its expertise to become a leading multinational company operating in sectors ranging from automotive to aerospace and racing.

To celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, Brembo is presenting the New G Sessanta. A concept model embodying a unique vision of future mobility.


The core of the concept lies in the revolutionary application of LED technology directly on the body of the calliper.

The solution comes adaptable to every application and type of calliper. And enhances its form and function: it can be both an interface, communicating directly with the user.

And an aesthetic choice, adapting to the user’s tastes and preferences. The light takes Brembo’s experience in using colour to a higher level, giving it new values.​

G Sessanta

​The Brembo New G Sessanta is a concept designed to be personalisable using wireless technology when the vehicle stops controlling the desired shade of light to express mood. Enhance the style of the bike, or adapt it to the surroundings.

The use of colour and light can also enable data and information to be sent on the vehicle and the calliper’s conditions or even help localise a parked car by emitting a courtesy light.​​

​A born leader of the innovations that have shaped the history of high-performance braking systems.

Brembo has pioneered a new concept in brake callipers beyond the traditional canons of design. And technology to introduce a new dimension that speaks the language of new generations.

The Brembo New G Sessanta concept celebrates the design of the brand’s first-ever brake calliper. Manufactured in 1972 for motorbikes, and the name of its designer.

Remaining faithful to the iconic lines that were the hallmark of that first model to make history.

The concept reinterprets its body with a next-generation framework of dynamic solids and voids. Which are still essential in their immediacy and formal consistency.​

​Just as the first 1972 Brembo calliper set the standard for all the models. The New G Sessanta concept represents Brembo’s vision of new features.

And solutions for brake callipers its strategy to become a trusted solution provider. And continue setting future generations’ standards.​

Via Brembo

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