Batman is one of the best superheroes ever, and we have a lot to thank him for. Is it a coincidence that we call someone with supernatural senses Batman? Oh, by now, I am going on a monologue. If you haven’t noticed. So, let me brief you on what makes The Batman movie special. 

The Dark Knight Trilogy by Christopher Nolan delivering one fantastic movie after another. After the death of Heath Ledger. It was in everyone’s consideration of making the character. If not darker yet again and darker than the previous film but still with those subtle humour. And unpredictability which made the earlier film so compelling. 



Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves came along, and he indeed had a great vision to take up this franchise. And did some remarkable alteration in script taking ideas from Frank Miller’s ‘The Dark Knight Returns’.

As we have established, Bruce Wayne in the DC Extended Universe takes inspiration from the personas of legendary Batman creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Coupled with their love for Japanese culture. Similar to how the Batmobile takes inspiration from a Tumbler car, and as for the hints the Batcycle gets influenced by Japanese vehicles. 


So if we take a look at the concept art of The Batman movie that was released a few years ago, as well as grabbing references from Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. We can try and find certain similarities in these film characters and thereby determining an influence on Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) Batcycle.

Now Digital artist Ashley Livingstone (a.k.a. Ash Thorpe) has unveiled his blueprint for the Batmobile and Batcycle from the original Batman movie. The blueprint, drawn with black ink on orange-yellow legal pad paper. Was met with much acclaim from Matt Reeves, who proceeded by giving Thorpe a chance to work on the upcoming Batman movie.



While the Batmobile has smitten fans with its edgy lines and nifty gadgets, the newer version of Batman’s ride is certainly an upgrade from its predecessor. 

Pop culture fans are even more pleased to see the original blueprints of the Batcycle after it was unveiled officially after Matt’s permission. The new Batcycle spawned a wave of appreciation as well.  


The Batcycle is undoubtedly one of the most iconic motorcycles. But not many know that this sweet ride here has got its DNA from two of the most hard-core bikes. Namely the Suzuki Hayabusa and Ducati. 

Yes, you read it right! Batman’s motorcycle is an Italian-Japanese fusion with its extended wheelbase and an eye-catching frame. 


Ducati and Suzuki connection

The Ducati connection is more than just a name drop; the exposed frame made to look like a vintage motorcycle, and so have the shocks and brakes. Which give the bike desirable agility to take high-speed corners without any fuss.

Ash has come up with something that is menacing and has the classic Batman feel. 

The bike is nothing like any other motorbike that you’ve seen around.Especially for one of the most notorious vigilante superheroes on earth! 


The make

But what makes it even more interesting is that the superhero’s creator had been inspired by the Japanese (Suzuki Hayabusa) and Italian (Ducati) motorcycles when building this beast with a crankshaft positioned perpendicular to the swingarm. 

At the same time, the powerplant is flat-four.Which usually has an internal construction similar to a boxer engine, albeit with more cylinders.

Batman as a movie is full of iconic moments, and I am sure it was a challenging task to pick just one thing that you would want, and it is easier to assemble a machine of your design. 

Something you can ride anytime and look down from the top on all the other vehicles on the street. And this is what Ash Thorpe did. The Batcycle created is everything we could have wished for. 

Designer: Ash Thorpe

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