The Hyperbike Dual is suitable. The Hyperbike Dual was bad. The Aeolus was the first of its kind from industrial designer Prathmesh Banubakde. Which was supposed to shake the world and make everyone rethink how they look at the concept of an electric Hyperbike. 

It is a dystopian future in which metal beasts are hovering over the roads. Bolting towards their destinations with unnatural speed and ferocity. Like living spears being hurled through the air by some ancient god with an only vengeance in mind.



The hardwork

Making bikes is hard work. As a designer, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the creative vision come to life. And many factors contribute to the success of the process.From material choice to mechanical function to ergonomics and beyond. 

But if you build a bike that looks like an old mangy dog. Nobody will want to throw their leg over the tank and start exploring the open road. Beautiful bike design must be paired with functionality if it’s to succeed. 

The Aiolos or Aeolus is an electric hyperbike with an aesthetic hybrid between Suzuki and Ducati. Aeolus is brainchild of Prathmesh Banubakde.The e-hyperbike models itself on other hyperbikes, namely, those from brands like Suzuki and Ducati, who command the space. 

If the bike distils a hybrid aesthetic, the name Aeolus takes inspiration from the Greek deity of the same name.A god with limitless creative power who gave birth to many important inventions like winds and storms. 



The Aeolus’ creator, Prathmesh Banubakde, used this persona as his muse for his concept with this bike.

From the very beginning, the Aeolus has a futuristic, ultra-modern aesthetic. The bike’s industrial-looking headlight evokes strong emotions of both speed and aggression. 

The body structure of the Aeolus features sharp edges and an almost cut-off look at the seat on the side. Along with relatively short fairings hide more than they reveal about the bike’s inner workings. Even the bike’s tires have a futuristic look, with their comprehensive profile. 



The Aeolus is an electric bike stands out from its competitors with its futuristic design aesthetic. While other bikes in the category look like they get their design to achieve optimal performance around corners. The Aeolus looks more like it’s made for straight-line speed. 

The Aeolus features a modular design language and a battery layout akin to modern-day supercars. It’s an electric bike for riders who want speed above all else. And those who want to stand out from the crowd — provided you can afford it.

From the initial sketches to today’s bike, the stemless.Aero-trendy design and highly detailed parts have been meticulously planned, engineered and executed by Prathmesh. The hyperbike isn’t intended for production soon and is still in the concept phase.


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