Key points

  • The Bugatti Bolide is a track-focused hypercar was recently showcased at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  • The car is powered by an 8.0-litre 16-cylinder engine that produces 1,577 horsepower, and it weighs only 3,196 pounds.
  • This gives the Bolide a weight-to-power ratio of 1.98 lb/hp, which is one of the best in the world.
  • The Bolide was driven by Bugatti’s official factory driver, Andy Wallace, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  • Wallace said that the car was “a very special and unique experience” to drive.
  • He also said that the Bolide could potentially set a new record for the fastest car at Goodwood.
  • Only 40 Bugatti Bolide cars will be produced, and they all have already been sold.
  • The cars cost 4 million euros each, which is about 4.3 million US dollars.

Here are some additional details:

  • The Bolide is capable of reaching a top speed of 310 mph (500 km/h).
  • It can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 2.17 seconds.
  • The Bolide has a very aggressive design, with a large rear wing and a carbon fibre body.
  • The interior of the Bolide is spartan, with only the essentials.
  • It is a very exclusive car, and it is sure to be one of the most sought-after cars in the world.

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Bugatti made an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed with its new track-focused hypercar, the Bolide. The event served as the car’s public debut in the United Kingdom, following its testing at Le Mans a month prior. The Bolide participated in the Batch 6a Supercar Run, driven by Bugatti’s official factory driver, Andy Wallace, who has an impressive racing record, including victories in the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring, and 24 Hours of Le Mans.


The Bugatti Bolide, which was revealed in its final production form in April, is currently undergoing final testing before its anticipated launch early next year. The hypercar features a special carbon fibre body and weighs just 3,196 pounds (1,450 kilograms), making it significantly lighter than its base model, the Bugatti Chiron, by around 1,200 pounds (550 kilograms). This weight reduction, combined with the immense power of the Bolide’s 8.0-litre 16-cylinder engine, results in an impressive weight-to-power ratio of 1.98 lb/hp or under 1kg/hp.


The company plans to produce only 40 units of the Bolide, with each car priced at 4 million euros (approximately 4.3 million US dollars). Despite all of the cars being already spoken for, enthusiasts at the Goodwood Festival of Speed had the opportunity to witness the Bolide in action throughout the event, relishing the thunderous sound of its engine.


Bugatti has a history of participating in the Goodwood Festival of Speed, showcasing various models from their lineup. These include the iconic Type 35 racing cars from the 1930s, the EB110 from the 1990s, and the more recent Veyron and Chiron hypercars.


Bugatti brought its track-focused hypercar, the Bolide, to the Goodwood Festival of Speed for its public debut in the United Kingdom. The car showcased its incredible performance during the 1.16-mile hill climb, with Bugatti’s official factory driver, Andy Wallace, at the helm. The Bolide, with its lightweight carbon fibre body and powerful 8.0-litre 16-cylinder engine, impressed with its exceptional weight-to-power ratio.

Although all 40 planned units of the Bolide have already been sold, enthusiasts at the festival had the opportunity to witness its remarkable capabilities firsthand. Bugatti’s participation at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a testament to the brand’s rich racing heritage, as it has previously showcased iconic models like the Type 35, EB110, Veyron, and Chiron. The Bolide is set to be launched early next year after completing its final testing phase.

Source: Bugatti and Motor1

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