Key points

  • Hero MotoCorp is working on a new 125cc motorcycle that will compete with the TVS Raider 125.
  • The bike is almost production-ready and looks quite stylish.
  • The engine is a 125cc unit, but it is not yet known whether it will be the same as the one in the Super Splendor Xtec.
  • The bike is expected to be launched sometime next year, and pricing is likely to be competitive, undercutting the Raider 125.
  • This is a good move by Hero, as the 125cc segment is growing rapidly in India, and there is a demand for sporty commuters.

Hero MotoCorp is indeed planning to introduce a new 125cc motorcycle to compete with the popular TVS Raider 125. The motorcycle is currently undergoing road testing and appears to be close to its production-ready state.

Here are some of the key features of the new Hero 125cc bike:

  • Sharp and angular headlamp unit
  • Big fuel tank
  • Split seats
  • 125cc engine
  • Stylish design
  • Competitive Pricing


The design of the bike is described as stylish, featuring a sharp and angular headlamp unit with integrated LED indicators. The fuel tank is sizeable and has sharp edges, contributing to the overall aggressive aesthetics of the motorcycle. Additionally, the bike is equipped with split seats, providing a spacious seating arrangement.

Hero’s TVS Raider 125 rival spotted; looks super stylish


In terms of performance, the upcoming Hero motorcycle will be powered by a 125cc engine. It is not yet confirmed whether this engine will be sourced from the Super Splendor Xtec model.


The TVS Raider 125 generates 11.2 bhp of peak power, while the Super Splendor produces 10.72 bhp. It remains to be seen if Hero will enhance the performance of this new motorcycle, which is expected to be positioned as a sporty commuter.

Expected price

The launch of the new Hero 125cc motorcycle is expected sometime next year. As for pricing, Hero MotoCorp may undercut the TVS Raider 125, which starts at Rs. 87,000 for the drum brake variant. The top-end variant, equipped with a Bluetooth cluster, is priced at Rs. 96,000.

It will be interesting to see how this new Hero motorcycle performs in the market and how it competes with the TVS Raider 125.


Hero MotoCorp is preparing to enter the 125cc motorcycle segment to compete with TVS Raider 125. The upcoming Hero motorcycle, which is currently undergoing road testing, showcases a stylish design with sharp and angular elements. The bike features a spacious split seat arrangement and a sizable fuel tank, complementing its aggressive aesthetics.

While specific details about the engine are yet to be confirmed, the bike is expected to offer comparable performance to its competitors in the 125cc segment. Hero MotoCorp aims to position the motorcycle as a sporty commuter, and it remains to be seen if they will enhance its performance beyond their existing Super Splendor Xtec model.

Launch next year

The launch of the new Hero 125cc motorcycle is anticipated to take place next year, providing an alternative for customers in the market looking for a premium 125cc bike. Hero MotoCorp may price the motorcycle competitively, potentially undercutting the TVS Raider 125 to attract customers. The success of this new offering will depend on its performance, pricing, and how it resonates with consumers in comparison to its rivals.

Overall, the introduction of this new Hero 125cc motorcycle signals the company’s ambition to capture a share of the popular 125cc segment and provide customers with a stylish and performance-oriented option.

Image Source: Car&Bike

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