The introduction of the Buick Wildcat EV last year caused a sensation due to its striking design, reminiscent of iconic models like the original Wildcat and Riviera.

Some of the key design features of the Buick Wildcat EV:

  • Low-slung coupe body style
  • Sharp, angular headlights and taillights
  • Large grille with chrome slats
  • Sweeping character lines
  • 2+2 seating configuration
  • All-electric powertrain

Buick Wildcat EV

The 2+2 coupe showcased Buick’s fresh design approach and sparked excitement. Although the likelihood of the Wildcat EV entering production is minimal, a recent video on the General Motors Design Instagram account showcased the concept and its features.


The bold design

The video begins with a person walking through a dimly lit garage, passing rows of shadowed Buick vehicles, before revealing the vibrant orange Wildcat EV. Subtle distinctions from the metallic gray concept car emerge, including alterations in wheel design and the absence of chrome around windows. Notably, the front fascia adopts a blacked-out look instead of the previous chrome slats. The most substantial alteration appears at the rear, where the orange Wildcat’s lights sit atop the fenders, extending along the rear spoiler’s edge.

Subtle Differences

Subsequently, the Wildcat EV takes to the road, cruising along a scenic two-lane highway near water bodies, weaving through hills, canyons, and a waterfall. General Motors Design’s Instagram account clarifies that the animation serves as a behind-the-scenes tool used to present the Wildcat project to GM leadership.

2024 Envista

Though the coupe’s production never gained approval, the design essence of the Wildcat EV has begun permeating the Buick lineup. The 2024 Envista prominently features these design elements, distinguishing the compact crossover and positioning it against rivals like the Mazda CX-30 and Volkswagen Taos. This design influence extends to the Envision, aimed at competing with the Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz GLC. Furthermore, Buick’s logo has been streamlined with a simpler design, with the tri-shields now aligned horizontally.


Interestingly, while models like the Regal and LaCrosse exited the US market in 2020, they continue thriving in China. Both models have recently undergone refreshes, incorporating updated interiors and design cues inspired by the Wildcat EV’s design language.


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