The Malle Mile Festival at Grimsthorpe Castle was an exhilarating event that celebrated motorcycle culture, British summertime, and the thrill of inappropriate racing.

The festival featured a dynamic mix of custom, classic, and contemporary motorcycles, complemented by captivating art exhibitions, brand displays, live music with DJs, and adrenaline-pumping racing events.

Top key points of the Malle Mile Festival:

  • It is a celebration of British summertime and motorcycle culture.
  • Takes place in Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire, England.
  • Features a variety of events, including art shows, brand exhibitions, live music, and racing.
  • The highlight of the festival is the “very inappropriate racing,” which includes everything from dirt bikes to flat trackers to three-wheelers.
  • The festival will be turning 10 years old in 2024.
  • Tickets are not yet on sale, but you can sign up for the event’s mailing list to be notified when they are


Malle Mile Festival

Royal Enfield, a prominent brand in the motorcycle world, played a significant role in the festival’s success. They showcased a diverse array of their models and contributed enthusiastically to the mud-slinging excitement of inappropriate racing and head-to-head drag racing competitions.

Their concise yet engaging video perfectly encapsulated the vibrant spirit of the event, showcasing a plethora of motorcycles, including Royal Enfield models and creatively designed custom bikes.

Grimsthorpe Castle

Looking ahead, anticipation is building for the festival’s 10th anniversary next year. Scheduled for July 18 to 21, 2024, at the iconic Grimsthorpe Castle, the event promises to be even more spectacular. Royal Enfield’s video and the festival’s past success indicate that attendees can expect a non-stop celebration of motorcycle culture, speed, music, and art.

For those eager to be part of this extraordinary experience, staying connected with the event’s mailing list is crucial. This will ensure timely updates on ticket releases and announcements, guaranteeing that enthusiasts do not miss out on the opportunity to join the festivities and create lasting memories.


The Malle Mile Festival at Grimsthorpe Castle stands out as an electrifying celebration that reverberates with the essence of motorcycle culture, British summer vibes, and the sheer thrill of unconventional racing.

This event, marked by an impressive array of custom, classic, and modern motorcycles, immersive art exhibitions, brand showcases, live music curated by DJs, and high-octane racing showdowns, truly captures the heart of enthusiasts.


Royal Enfield’s vibrant participation significantly contributed to the festival’s dynamism. Their showcase of diverse motorcycle models and enthusiastic engagement in the lively inappropriate racing and drag racing competitions added a layer of excitement that echoed throughout the event.

Through a concise yet impactful video, Royal Enfield masterfully encapsulated the festival’s vivacity, featuring an assortment of motorcycles that included their signature models and ingeniously customized bikes.

YouTube – Royal Enfield , 2023 Malle Mile Festival Event Page , 2024 Malle Mile Festival Event Page

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