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Founded by Giovanni Castiglioni, visionary heir of Claudio Castiglioni, one of the world motorcycle industry’s most significant protagonists. 

Founder of Cagiva and creator of the relaunch of international brands such as Ducati, MV Agusta and Husqvarna. And a group of historical collaborators and supported by international investors.


C-Creative aims to make available the know-how of decades of experience at the highest levels in the automotive. Home design and consumer products sector with a unique creative platform. 

Giovanni Castiglioni

Starting from the project idea and the initial sketch, C-Creative can develop a finished product, ready for large-scale industrialization, passing from Virtual Reality. And the definition of Brand Identity and Product Vision. 

Alongside Castiglioni, co-founders Adrian Morton and Paolo Bianchi, friends and long-time collaborators. 

Paolo Bianchi

Talented figures among the best known and most respected in the motorcycle sector.Which together can boast a wealth of skills and experience that are hard to match. 

Supporting the project right from the outset, as shareholders, was the Sequedge proprietary investment, one of the most critical global groups. 

Adrian Morton

This ranges from fashion brands such as the Italian Costume National to the most prominent Asian publishing and the world of technology, finance. And the enormous nursing care service scale. 

It is also led by the Japanese tycoon Kazunari Shirai, linked to Giovanni by a great friendship and a familiar, visceral passion for motorcycles. 

Lorenzo Naddei

One of C-Creative’s first moves was the acquisition of 100% of Q-id’s shares. A leading international player in the field of style and design development. 

C-Creative can therefore immediately count on a team of over 40 highly specialized professionals.

And on successful collaborations with the most prestigious names in the world of two and four wheels, as well as on a worldwide reputation for Castiglioni Creative s.r.l. 


Just born, C-Creative aims to acquire a highly respected customer portfolio, both directly through Q-id. And thanks to the development of new collaborations, already in the definition phase. Adrian Morton, CEO and Head of Design of C-Creative, said: 

“After 30 years of designing motorcycles for the most prestigious brands.I wanted to take this entrepreneurial step. And put my experience at the service of a broader range of clients within the industry and beyond.

 I do it with confidence and enthusiasm for a bright future alongside my friend Giovanni Castiglioni.” 

Paolo Bianchi, CEO and Head of Engineering of C-Creative, adds.”C-Creative is an opportunity for me to exploit and make the most of all the experience I have acquired over the years.

I could not dream of doing it in better conditions, nor with more solid partners. 

As soon as it was born, the reality has credentials to establish itself as a leader in a sector we Italians have always had an edge. 

“Giovanni Castiglioni, the founder of C-Creative, said: “In this project, I put all my passion for the world of design. And engineering, starting with motorcycles and passing through real estate development and services to third parties.

I am proud to have found this group, a dedicated “dream team” capable of design and industrializing a product starting from a simple idea on paper. 

More Quote

And who knows, one day we might be able to create a real hyperbike right inside our centre, which is still missing in the two-wheeled world. A project that my father Claudio strongly desired and that we want to carry on. 

The “CC” of the company name honours him and memory of his teachings. And of what he accomplished within the world of motorcycles and technological innovation. 

“Lorenzo Naddei, founder of Q-id and now a partner in C-Creative, commented: “This is a unique opportunity for me to amalgamate my company.

Successfully launched, with names that have made the history of motorcycling, and automotive as well as the technology sector.

 It is an essential step in our growth path will lead us to establish ourselves further. And expand far beyond our borders, bringing Italian genius and elegance to the world. “

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