Complete custom Mortagua Fighter motorcycle series

What do we say about no 10?

Complete custom Mortagua Fighter motorcycle series

Carlos Rodrigues is a self-taught Portuguese builder. The 23 years old experience has always been behind the bikes he works with.

Starting in 1999 by Carlos Rodrigues in Portugal, his making custom motorcycles got famous when he came with Mortagua Fighter. Carlos works in Mortagua glasswork in Portugal.

Carlos Rodrigues had developed the masterpieces of motorcycles in the previous 23 years, and Mortagua Fighter was his series creation.

He is a well-known Portuguese custom bike builder and lives in Mortagua. His earlier works were highly appreciable and got him some honour among motorcycle lovers.

Famous Fighter

Mortagua Fighter is one of the most well-known custom motorbikes, despite its maker Carlos Rodrigues working in a small country Portugal.

Motorcycle enthusiasts and bike builders want to see what he has taken up his sleeves for this new year.

Everyone is eager to find the answer on Internet, but there are some tendencies how Mortagua Fighter will mark its presence in future.

If you ever wondered what it would look like if the bad guy from one of those old Roman empires had a motorcycle, you will get a good idea when you look at this.

But there is more than that to these series of bikes, and it is pretty apparent as soon as you see what gorgeous pieces they are.

While his first motorcycle was a 125cc Honda NSR 125 that Honda made from 1988–to 2002. To build his bikes, Carlos takes inspiration from Frenchman Lazareth.

Mortgua Fighter is a collection of projects in which he had his hands. Carlos was able to design the making of a motorbike from scratch, from the drawing to the moulding, everything.

There are more than ten motorcycles in this series, each with its own identity and history. Exciting progressions are being done for each sequence that turns better and better.

Some of these motorcycles have already won several awards around Europe and are featured in numerous print media and on magazines and websites.

Let’s take a look.





While there are more awards on his name. Here are few.

The Man –  Carlos Rodrigues

via Mortagua Fighter Portugal

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