It is without a doubt that Founder, Hans Trunkenpolz and CEO Stefan Pierer, Chairman Friedrich Roithner had envisioned their motorcycles as pieces of art long before.

It became a must for the majority of the manufacturers. Having in mind not only to ensure maximum performance on track with much concern about ergonomics, or comfort and riding pleasure on the road.

The KTM 1290 RR LEGEND is a concept bike presented by designer Oberdan Bezzi. It’s the story about the Austrian KTM RR LEGEND that can not be told in detail in just a paragraph.


It must be read and lived, starting from some concepts that Bezzi started digging its roots in the 70s. Combining professionalism and passion with motorcycles.


Let’s see what Bezzi has to say in his words.

“Although the Kronreif Trunkepolz Mattighofen, i.e. the KTM. Was born a couple of decades earlier as a motorcycle house.It was in the 70s that its ascent to the Olympus of the Great Marks was consolidated.

Today KTM is a brand universally known and appreciated. Both among off-road enthusiasts, sectors of historical origin, and other motorcycling areas, up to MotoGP.

But for direct knowledge.The decade between the 70s and 80s was the one of the “K”, as they said then.

I deserve the excellent dirt bikes and regularities that the House, with an annual expiry date, proposed more and more importantly winners, in all categories.

There was no passion that he didn’t want it.And all other Houses had to deal with the beautiful Austrian to have some chances of selling success.

Today, approaching that time and “marrying” to the new House course. A LEGEND SERIES may be possible, but provocatively not on an off-road model as maybe it would be expected and trivial. But giving birth to a new interpretation of KTM’s wildest and most iconic motorcycle.

Thoroughly reviewed in superstructures. Technically refined and further enhanced, the 1290 RR LEGEND would represent a super top range.

Proposal in two historical tints for KTM. The very famous celestial of regular cars and the total white of the 74/75 motocross giant cylinder versions

For those who want the most”.

via Oberdan Bezzi

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