DAB X BECANE - Credits Tristan Savoy & Becane Paris

Paris Fashion Week is now at its peak, and DAB Motors has joined forces with women’s fashion label Becane Paris to create a unique electric motorcycle.

Considered a hybrid fashion brand. Becane shakes up the codes to offer a technical and urban clothing collection.

On the roads and in the city, the Becane woman can move with style and safety. A true hommage to the Motomami movement initiated by Spanish singer Rosalía.


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DAB X BECANE - Credits Tristan Savoy & Becane Paris (2)


The collection was presented inside a four-level underground parking lot in Paris, providing a perfect backdrop for the audacity of the motorcycle and clothing line.

Becane started its show with a thrilling 90s video game-like movie featuring Nikita. The heroine travelling on different planets on her DAB Motors electric motorcycle. The audience was captivated by the incredible visuals and the fantastic journey.

Out of nowhere, in a galactical scenery. The team presented a 1:1 scale motorcycle identical to the one in the video game, which stunned the audience.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Becane Paris on this stunning customized electric motorcycle,” said DAB Motors’s CEO, Simon Dabadie.

“The bike is a true masterpiece that combines artistry, sustainability, and technology, and we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Becane Paris to bring it to life.”


One single motorcycle has been produced, as indicated by the engraved plate on the bike.

The collaboration between the two companies has resulted in a fantastic blend of fashion and technology that will captivate the attention of everyone who sees it.

 Credits : Tristan Savoy & Becane Paris

Based on the DAB Motors Concept-E, the motorcycle features a distinctive black metal flake paint job that glimmers in the light and custom leather seats made by a renowned Parisian haute-couture atelier where all the Becane collection is produced. The bike also incorporates 3D printed parts, such as the offroad front fender and logos, that give it a unique appearance.

High-end finishes, reflective stripes, flexible materials that invite mobility, and inserts dedicated to the integration of approved protections: designed by and for women, Becane aims to create couture armour that doesn’t compromise comfort or style.

With a touch of impertinence, Becane clothing establishes itself as clothing for women free to blaze their trail, literally and figuratively.


“Our collaboration with DAB Motors has allowed us to go further in our shared and hybrid vision of today’s and tomorrow’s two-wheelers. Beyond the armour, it’s up to the motorcycle to become an extension of oneself. An object that is desired and personalized in the same way that one asserts oneself with clothing. 

Working on a project with innovative ambitions such as the Concept E-RS is a real opportunity for us to assert ourselves electrifying and sustainably.” said Rosalie Carrel and Juliette Seydoux, founders of Becane.

via DAB Motors


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