Do we see a three-cylinder 250cc cross-plane from Yamaha?

 Do we see a three-cylinder 250cc cross-plane from Yamaha?

The segment from 250cc and 400cc is getting more competitive. We already know Kawasaki has ZX-25R, Honda is trying to come up with the four cylinders CBR250RR.

The Competition

Italians and Americans both are not behind as we have already know M V Agusta has partnered with China-based Loncin. The objective is to bring lower displacement motorcycles.

Harley is working on a 338cc motorcycle.

In May 2018, we heard about Yamaha building a 250cc 3 cylinder (cross-plane) engine in Japan.

  • However, there was no specific information available on Yamaha’s 250cc three-cylinder engine.
  • If a Kawasaki 250cc 4-cylinder motorcycle comes out, Yamaha may also launch a 250cc 3-cylinder motorcycle.

It is a rumour around May 2018, when a spy shot of the new YZF-R25 surfaced.

The rumour started in Indonesia. The new YZF-R25 is a model with the engine as it is. We had a few questions around the new R25.Is this new YZF-R25 a three-cylinder?

What’s going on with a 250 cc 3-cylinder engine? We thought it is still under development.

250 CC, Three-Cylinder, Cross Plane

According to the information. Yamaha is in a stage to develop a 250 cc three-cylinder engine, but we still need to hear the details of commercialization.

And if you do not hear the details of commercialization shows it is very early, or at the advance stage of developing an engine, or another story is Yamaha is doing research on it.

But we don’t feel as the rumours started back in 2012 and Yamaha, we feel are well prepared for the competition.

We heard it at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, and we understand Yamaha may not want to lose the bus and will join the competition.

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