Ducati announces an agreement with Volkswagen Group Argentina for the CKD assembly of Ducati motorcycles distributed within the local Argentinian market.

Production will start at the Córdoba Industrial Center by the end of 2022. Thanks to a significant investment, making the VW plant the third factory outside of Italy for Ducati. 

Volkswagen Group Argentina

“The Argentinian motorcycle market is exciting. Ducati has a strong positioning in this country. Over the years, we have achieved excellent results, both in volumes and market share”. Said Francesco Milicia, Ducati VP of Global Sales and After Sales. 



“In Argentina, we can count on a great collaboration with the Volkswagen Group, distributing our bikes. Thanks to this strong relationship, it is also that we can take this important step. Which will help strengthen our position in this market”.

“Argentina is an essential pillar for Volkswagen Latin America. With this new investment, we will continue to strengthen our brand in the region. With models that are increasingly adapted to the needs of our customers, “said Pablo Di Si, Executive Chairman of Volkswagen Latin America

“Starting to assemble Ducati motorcycles in Córdoba is a great joy since Volkswagen Group Argentina will be the first VW Group subsidiary globally to do so.”

The commercial relationship between Ducati and Volkswagen Group Argentina began in 2013 after Audi AG bought the Italian motorcycle manufacturer globally in 2012. Ducati has outstanding recognition in the high-performance Argentinian motorcycle market. Having achieved excellent results in terms of market penetration. 


Ducati currently has seven exclusive dealerships in Argentina, which commercialise the full range of Ducati and Ducati Scrambler motorcycles. Each dealer offers an integrated service and a showroom area where the bikes are exposed. With an exclusive space dedicated to the “Land of Joy” and the Ducati Scrambler products. 

The first model to be assembled at Córdoba Industrial Center will be the Ducati Scrambler Icon. The Ducati Scrambler range has become the most appreciated in the Argentinian market after the first local presentation in 2016. 

Its urban-inspired motorcycles, designed under the post-heritage concept, invite personalisation and self-expression while offering total versatility in their use. Maintaining every Ducati brand product’s features and characteristic equipment.

via Ducati

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