Katalis and TheArsenale have joined forces to create a more powerful version of the Selis Garuda e-scooter. Known as the EV.1000, it’s an evolution of the original model’s ideas. With new exterior aesthetics, robust components and an improved aerial platform to keep the rider in place.


This bike was born — to bring the elegance and haute couture you are used to on a motorcycle without compromising quality. The goal of Arsenale is to allow you to spend at least an hour walking around Paris (or any other major city in the world) riding a futuristic motorcycle that won’t disappear at the first corner. 

Katalis EV.1000 is a blueprint for a vehicle of the future. From the visual and positioning of the product. We are trying to appeal to the younger generation to start a new habit of using electric vehicles, which are more environmentally friendly.



The EV.1000 gets characterised by its dominantly black matte colour. Wrapped with an orange striped ornament. “The colour is derived from TheArsenale’s brand guidelines. Which we hold as a reference in the visual design of the Katalis EV.1000.


It gets a 1000 watts motor, supported by a 48V 45Ah battery. A controller also supports this motorcycle with 48-72 Volt power. “This motorcycle can be accelerated up to 70-80 kilometres per hour and can travel around 90 kilometres with one battery charge,”

The collaboration between TheArsenale and Katalis has become a reality. To be more specific, we want to present you with one of the unique motorcycles builds worldwide. 


The most talented motorcycle craftsmen fabricated this new and exclusive bike based on classic Katalis EV.500 models. It took them some time to design each of its components. And as such, it took about two years for all parts to come together. You can buy it over here.


The limited-edition scooter is undoubtedly a joy to behold and will stun you with its dynamism. As well as being a worthy piece of art. The product boasts extraordinary performance and unrivalled engineering, making it.

While Katalis has priced the special edition EV1000 at $9,999, they are yet to reveal the price for the regular edition. However, you get more information on their website or by messaging them on their Instagram page.


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