Ducati Panigale V4 and V4 S

The Ducati family never stops amazing its public with quality, beautiful sophisticated bikes which answers to its public demand. These brands of Ducati Panigale that is the V4 and the V4 S has open a new chapter in the Ducati story, a melody of beautiful performance and emotions. These Ducati products are awesome super-bikes which give riders of all skill level boundless fun and excitement.

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The new Ducati bikes are very small motorcycles especially once in the saddle. It is not too cramped despite the 10mm higher foot pegs, which is extremely welcoming. It’s sleek lines of the fairing and its neatly done headlight is brilliant.


The Panigale V4 which is the first Ducati bike to mount a four-cylinder engine, which is directly derived from the Moto GP Desmosedici, it is a concentrate of Ducati technology, style and performance.

Ducati V4

    • Engine : Having an engine of 1,103 cm, 214 hp and a power/weight ratio of 1.1 hp/kg, setting a new standard in the Super-sport production bike segment. This sport bike come to being close to a Moto GP prototype, built for both excellence on track performance and outstanding on road rides.The Panigale V4 engine is a 90° V configuration, it also takes an 81 mm bore which has been combined with a longer stroke than that used in racing to improve low to mid rev torque and reduce maximum revs so that the power is easier to handle.This engine puts out a maximum of 214 hp at 13,000 rpm making the Panigale one of the most powerful bike in the segment.Its torque of 12.6 kgm at 10,000 rpm makes handling easy.

      Engine uses technology such as the counter-rotating crankshaft and twin pulse ignition. These has a positive impact on the bike dynamics, making it more agile during direction changes, fast and stable on the straight and ensuring easier out of the corner torque handling.Bikes capability makes life so easy that you keep up pushing for a limit. Ducati has set the standard hoops loose.

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      It also has a new 200/60 rear and a load of optimized framework and compound tweaks to grant even more grip all-round the bike given that the torque is being hammered through out every bend as such the new rear won’t miss a beat. It has a good front, its stable on its brakes.

    • Equipment : As for its equipment, the latest in cornering ABS, traction control, anti-wheel and semi active suspension is all showing off behind its dashboard, ready to step in when in need. The throttle response is sharp and you feel like one could use a higher gear everywhere but thanks to the torque which is in spades it pulls you through.The Ducati Panigale V4 S is a great motorcycle that is accomplished in every way.It has almost the same properties with the Panigale V4.

This version of Ducati is damn accessorized.Bike has too many systems in play which have a great impact in actual riding.Many of these systems only wake up when requesting a high performance beyond the rider’s talent level and many of them need no input from the rider to do their work that is they mostly not seen.Making the rider look like a hero and greatly reduces accidents.Bike looks very cute having a tail which is beautifully suspended.

It has an associated fueling system with a titanium race Akrapovic exhaust system which gives it an extra 12hp, while losing 7kg of mass.The Panigale V4 S has the Ohlins Smart EC 2.0 system which is semi active and sensible to mode selection. But more importantly the choice to work under acceleration, braking and mid-corner is all up to you.The Ducati Multimedia System (DMS) on these bikes is awesome.

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For when you get on the motorcycle, your smartphone automatically connects to the bike via Bluetooth allowing the rider to handle main multimedia notifications. The Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display shows incoming messages, the played track or the name of the caller. This sounds are all transmitted to the rider’s helmet earphones.The Ducati firm has made what must be hard for a change and they have done it in a great way as it seen with these two brands of motorcycles. They have an engine with lots of power and character which makes it easy, handling light and generates lots of fun.

What do you think about the V4 and V4S?

Pic Credits: Ducati Forum
Video Credits: Ducati


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