Last month BMW introduced us to BMW Motorrad’s Vision DC Roadster the way how two-wheel electric commutation will arrive in the future. This is BMW’s future vision.

So what makes the BMW Motorrad’s Vision DC Roadster engine versatile?

  • This 2 – cylinder boxer engine is a heart of BMW and has helped BMW to put their mark as a technological expert via building great motorcycles and it is been more than 9 decades.
  • This was also an answer to BMWs question what would happen BMW were to replace the boxer engine with an electric motor and the required battery? And how will the entire package look like?
  • The electric motor is very compact to make the entire structure of the bike sleek and compact.
  • The battery is vertically fitted and longitudinally oriented.
  • Two side elements protrude with cooling ribs and integrated ventilators used for cooling purposes.
  • Also, another part is cooling components are placed in the air stream.
  • Another most intelligent part is the cylinder-shaped electric motor is positioned underneath the battery and is directly connected to the universal shaft. 

These are few pointers that make the BMW Motorrad’s Vision DC Roadster engine versatile.


Source : BMW Motorrad

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