Event : All about MOARD (Motorcycle Arts & Designers)

 Event : All about MOARD (Motorcycle Arts & Designers)

MOARD started in Milan on 3rd of May: it was the first world’s exposition focused on “moto design”.

In the historycal Palazzo del Ghiaccio of Milano, from Friday 3 to Sunday 5 of May 2019: World’s producers, designers and innovators, united to talk about new motorcycle stories.

In the beginning of May, the capital of world’s design, Milan, hosts MOARD: the first world’s exposition, focused on  design of motorcycles.

It was scheduled from the 3rd to the 5th of May, in the famous Palazzo del Ghiaccio of Milan, the attraction and passion for the two wheels, could be touched by handsdesigndevelopmenttechnology and innovations.

Aim was show the mobility of the future.

MOARD (www.moard.itmeans “Motorcycle, Arts & Designers” and is the first, interactive and emotionalexposition that details the creative process to build the most romantic vehicles.

Form friday 3, to sunday 5, more than 5330 mq in the location of Palazzo del Ghiaccio of Milan (via Piranesi 14, 20137, Milano, Italy) are ready to welcome the proposals and projects of more than 30 expositors and brands, who choosed the new way to tell the motorcycle’s story.

The idea comes from Emanuela Von Dutch Conti, skilled project manager in the motorcycle field, who has conceived MOARD with the support of Giulio Costantini, creator of the policreative centre Lanificio in Rome and with the cooperation of Ola Stenegard, chief designer of Indian Motorcycles.

Together with the american brand, the other world’s constructors, presented in MOARD, who are ready to show the “behind the scenes” of their models, are: DucatiYamahaHondaRizomaHusqvarna, Triumph, SCProject andVemar helmets.

Another preview that was presented in MOARD comes from the racing department of Monster, which arrives in Milan with the replica MEYM46 2019 of motorcycle and helmet of one of the most loved riders: the 40-years-old Valentino Rossi.

But visitors are waited in MOARD, also by: designers of unique models, university students who compete in world’s contest andinnovators who, right now, design electric vehicles that we will ride tomorrow. And not just on… streets.

To maximize the fun during the first weekend of May, MOARD offered also a special “Taste Design Route”, cured by the chef Gabriele Ciocca: on the 1st floor and on the terrace7 different chef and many food activities, propose to the visitors a new idea of sensorial experience, inspired by the motorcycle’s universe.

The 3 days of the exposition expect also 3 night openings, with: music, dj-sets, artists and special guests, all united by the passion for motorcycles.

IED Milan is the University Institutional Partner, the Media Partner is Moto.it and the multimedia experience cared by Bepart, Technological Partner of MOARD and already creator of the Museum of Augmented Reality in Milan.

Everything was ready for friday 3rd of May, when MOARD showed the world the complete creative flow that, starting from an intuition and passing by the designcan commute… an idea, in a motorcycle.

Source : MOARD

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