Base model used for Grasshopper is Yamaha XSR 700 and is developed by Hookie Co Moto Design Company based in Germany.It does look like Stance, color and the entire build is inspired from Eastern lubber grasshopper with acrylic panels that gets orange flour-scent color and are placed at the rear light.

Build looks neat and clean and not many colors involved in it.Black seat looks like it has been made with suede leather. Tire duties are performed by tires loaned from MT60 from the Pirelli- Regal and has  17 inch cast wheels.

Grasshopper gets new components like its fuel tank and seat structure made by hand and of aluminium.LED light with dimension of 7 inch was put in to form a headlight.The indicators are as well integrated.


SC Project exhaust and Gilles levers both go well with the entire build.

Pic Credits : Motorradonline and Yamaha

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