Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion

The Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion is an exhilarating blend of classic charm and cutting-edge electric vehicle technology! At the heart of this thrilling project lies the accessible Porsche 964, transformed from a revered classic into a modern electric marvel. Everrati passionately restores and customizes each donor car, infusing it with a dynamic electric soul.

The Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion blends classic car allure with advanced electric vehicle technology, reshaping the landscape for car enthusiasts. This innovative project transforms the accessible Porsche 964 into a high-performance EV, maintaining its iconic design while integrating modern, sustainable propulsion.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Technology in Classic Cars

It features a carbon fiber widebody, luxury interior upgrades, and exceptional performance capabilities, including a 500 horsepower electric motor and a 200-mile range. Priced between $400,000 and $500,000, this electrified classic car showcases a unique fusion of heritage and innovation, appealing to those valuing tradition, performance, and environmental consciousness in the evolving world of automotive design.


Imagine the sleek, widebody-style carbon fiber bodywork that turns heads, complete with an aerodynamically redesigned kit featuring an imposing rear wing and a sleek front splitter. Step inside, and you’re greeted by a luxurious interior, boasting premium leather from Bridge of Weir and modern amenities like Apple CarPlay, lightweight seats, and a sporty rear roll cage.

Sustainable Classic Car Restoration

But it’s the performance that truly excites! These machines boast a staggering 500 horsepower from top-tier electric motors, rocketing from 0-60 mph in just 3.7 seconds. They’re powered by a robust 63kWh battery pack, ensuring a thrilling 200-mile range per charge, with both AC and DC fast charging capabilities.

And let’s not forget the cutting-edge, fully-adjustable, electronically-controlled active and adaptive TracTive suspension, ensuring each ride is as exhilarating as it is smooth. Everrati offers an array of customization options, allowing you to make this electrified dream uniquely yours.

High-Performance Electric Cars

The Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion represents a significant milestone in the automotive industry, particularly in the realm of classic car electrification. Here’s a key analysis of this project:

  • Innovative Fusion of Classic and Modern: Everrati has masterfully combined the timeless appeal of the Porsche 964 with advanced electric vehicle technology. This fusion preserves the aesthetic and emotional appeal of a classic sports car while embracing modern sustainability and performance standards.
  • Target Market: The conversion appeals to a niche market of enthusiasts who appreciate classic Porsche designs but also want the benefits of electric powertrains. This includes environmentally conscious consumers and tech-savvy individuals who value performance and luxury.
  • Performance Enhancement: The electrification significantly boosts performance, offering a 0-60 mph acceleration time of 3.7 seconds, which is competitive with many modern sports cars. This enhancement could make the vehicle more appealing to those who prioritize performance.
  • Sustainability Angle: By converting a classic car to an electric vehicle, Everrati addresses environmental concerns associated with traditional combustion engines. This approach aligns with global trends towards sustainability and could appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.
  • Customization and Exclusivity: The wide range of customization options, along with the high price tag, positions the vehicle in the luxury segment. This exclusivity is attractive to buyers who seek unique, bespoke automotive experiences.
  • Technical Challenges and Cost: The complexity of integrating modern electric systems into classic car frames presents significant technical challenges. These challenges, coupled with the high cost of the conversion, might limit the project’s accessibility to a broader market.
  • Market Positioning and Pricing: Priced between $400,000 and $500,000, excluding the cost of the donor car, the conversion is positioned as a high-end, luxury product. This pricing strategy might limit the market to high-net-worth individuals but also adds to the vehicle’s exclusivity and desirability.
  • Impact on Classic Car Market: This project could influence the classic car market, introducing a new category of electrified classics. It might inspire similar conversions, potentially changing how enthusiasts and collectors view classic cars in an increasingly environmentally conscious world.

Porsche 964 Electrification

The Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion has a multifaceted impact on car enthusiasts, particularly those who appreciate classic cars and are interested in the evolving landscape of automotive technology. Here’s an analysis of its impact:

  • Revitalizing Classic Cars: For enthusiasts who cherish the design and heritage of classic cars like the Porsche 964, this conversion offers a way to preserve these vehicles in a more sustainable manner. It opens up possibilities for enjoying classic car aesthetics with modern performance and environmental benefits.
  • Enthusiasm for Electric Technology: This project might spark greater interest among car enthusiasts in electric vehicle technology. By showcasing how EV technology can enhance performance, it could shift perceptions and increase acceptance of electric cars, even among traditionalists.
  • Preservation versus Authenticity Debate: For purists, the idea of altering a classic car’s original combustion engine might be contentious. This conversion could ignite discussions about the balance between preserving a vehicle’s historical integrity and embracing technological advancements for sustainability and performance.
  • Inspiration for DIY and Small-scale Projects: The Everrati project might inspire individual enthusiasts and small companies to undertake similar conversions. It demonstrates the technical feasibility and potential market for such endeavors, encouraging innovation and creativity in the community.
  • Redefining Car Collecting: This conversion could influence the criteria for what makes a car collectible, introducing the concept of high-quality electrified classics. It may lead enthusiasts to value innovative engineering and environmental considerations alongside traditional factors like rarity and historical significance.
  • Expanding Market for Customized Conversions: The project underscores the market potential for bespoke, high-end vehicle conversions. Enthusiasts who desire unique, tailor-made cars might be more inclined to invest in similar projects, fueling a niche market of customized conversions.
  • Influence on Future Restoration Projects: As environmental concerns continue to grow, car enthusiasts might increasingly consider sustainability in restoration projects. This could lead to a trend where more restorations include an element of electrification or other eco-friendly technologies.
  • Educational Aspect: For enthusiasts keen on understanding and engaging with automotive technology, this project serves as an educational example of how classic car engineering can be harmoniously integrated with modern electric powertrains.

Cutting-Edge EV Conversions

The Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion could significantly influence car enthusiasts, potentially altering perceptions of classic car restoration, electrification, and the future direction of the automotive hobby. It represents a convergence of respect for automotive history with a forward-looking approach to vehicle design and sustainability.

The Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion stands out as a groundbreaking project, blending heritage with innovation. It’s a bold statement in the evolving automotive landscape, signifying a potential shift towards more sustainable and technologically advanced refurbishments of classic vehicles.

Modernized Classic Porsche

Experience the future of classic car driving with the Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion. Don’t miss your chance to own this electrifying blend of iconic design and groundbreaking electric vehicle technology. Visit Everrati’s website today to reserve your piece of automotive history, reimagined for a sustainable future. Embrace this unique opportunity to drive a high-performance, environmentally conscious classic, and join the revolution of electrified luxury. Act now to customize your dream car and be part of this exciting journey into the new era of classic car enthusiasm!

This jaw-dropping Everrati Porsche 964 RSR EV Conversion is up for grabs now, with an estimated price tag between $400,000 and $500,000 – a small price for such a revolutionary blend of historic allure and electric prowess. Don’t miss out on this electrifying opportunity to own a piece of automotive history, reimagined for the modern era!

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