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Porsche 912 Transformation

The custom car project by Nikita and Illiya Bridan of Oil Stain Lab, where they transformed a 1966 Porsche 912 coupe into an exceptional sports car, is a notable achievement in the realm of automotive customization.

Discover the remarkable journey of twin brothers Nikita and Illiya Bridan from Oil Stain Lab as they transform a 1966 Porsche 912 coupe into a stunning custom sports car. This project is a testament to their engineering skill and creative vision, featuring a powerful GM-sourced LS V8 engine modified to deliver an impressive 650 horsepower.

Custom Car Building

The car also boasts a unique aesthetic, including a custom exhaust system and innovative design elements influenced by open-wheel racing. Explore the challenges, inspiration, and impact of this one-of-a-kind creation on the automotive enthusiast community, showcasing the heights of passion and innovation in car customization.


Automotive Engineering

This endeavor is distinguished by several key aspects:

  • GM LS V8 Engine Adaptation: Opting for a GM engine in a Porsche chassis is a daring and unconventional choice. This engine, significantly enhanced to deliver 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, stands out, particularly given the car’s light 1,900-pound frame. The engine’s integration and modification are central to the car’s distinctiveness.
  • Artistic Exhaust System: The tailored exhaust system serves a dual purpose of enhancing performance and adding to the car’s aesthetic appeal. This reflects the Bridans’ commitment to both the car’s functionality and its visual impact.
  • Modified 911 GT2 Transaxle: The inventive use of an inverted transaxle from a Porsche 911 GT2 demonstrates their creative engineering approach. This decision underscores their skill in finding unconventional solutions to technical challenges.
  • Future Design Plans: As per Nikita’s vision, the car’s future iteration includes features like a windshield, gullwing doors, a coupe form, and expanded cabin space. This indicates their ongoing pursuit of evolution in design, balancing beauty with practicality.

Car Modification

The key analysis of the custom car project by Nikita and Illiya Bridan, focusing on their transformation of a 1966 Porsche 912 coupe, reveals several critical aspects:

  • Innovative Engine Choice and Customization: The decision to equip a classic Porsche body with a GM LS V8 engine is highly unconventional in the automotive customization world. This choice not only sets their project apart but also highlights their willingness to blend different automotive cultures and technologies. The engine, heavily modified to produce 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque, is a testament to their engineering prowess, especially given the relatively light weight (1,900 pounds) of the vehicle.
  • Artistic and Functional Design Elements: The custom exhaust system is not just a performance enhancement; it’s also a statement piece that contributes to the car’s unique aesthetic. This demonstrates a keen eye for design that complements technical performance.
  • Creative Problem-Solving with Transaxle Adaptation: Utilizing and modifying a 911 GT2-sourced transaxle, by flipping it upside down, showcases their ability to think outside the box. This clever engineering solution underlines their skill in overcoming design and construction challenges that come with such an ambitious project.
  • Forward-Thinking Design for Future Versions: The envisioned features for a future version of the car, including a windshield, gullwing doors, a coupe shape, and more cabin space, indicate a forward-thinking approach. It shows that their design philosophy is not static but rather an evolving process that seeks to continuously improve and innovate.

LS V8 Engine Swap

The impact of the custom car project by Nikita and Illiya Bridan, specifically their transformation of a 1966 Porsche 912 coupe, on car enthusiasts can be profound and multifaceted:

  • Inspiration and Innovation: This project serves as a source of inspiration for car enthusiasts, showcasing what can be achieved with creativity, engineering skill, and passion. It encourages others to think outside conventional boundaries and explore unique combinations, like fitting a GM engine into a classic Porsche.
  • Appreciation of Custom Engineering: The project elevates the appreciation for custom engineering and bespoke modifications in the automotive community. It highlights the level of detail, craftsmanship, and technical expertise required in such endeavors.
  • Blending of Automotive Cultures: The integration of a GM engine into a Porsche body represents a fusion of different automotive cultures and traditions. This can lead to a greater appreciation of diverse automotive heritages and the potential for cross-brand synergies.
  • Educational Value: For enthusiasts interested in the technical aspects of car modifications, this project provides educational value. It offers insights into complex modifications like engine swaps, custom exhaust systems, and transaxle adaptations.
  • Discussion and Community Engagement: Such unique projects often spark discussions within the car enthusiast community, leading to increased engagement in forums, social media, and car meets. They provide a topic for enthusiasts to connect over and share opinions and knowledge.
  • Motivation for Personal Projects: Seeing a project of this scale and ambition might motivate other car enthusiasts to embark on their own custom car projects. It provides a real-world example of what’s possible with dedication and hard work.
  • Challenges and Realism: On the other hand, the project also highlights the challenges involved in such undertakings. It can provide a more realistic understanding of the resources, time, and skills needed, which is crucial for enthusiasts considering similar projects.

Overall, the impact of the Bridan brothers’ project on car enthusiasts is likely to be significant, providing inspiration, education, and a deeper appreciation for the art of car customization. It also fosters community engagement and discussions around innovative automotive engineering and design.

Unique Sports Cars

Pros and Cons of the custom car project by Nikita and Illiya Bridan, focusing on their transformation of a 1966 Porsche 912 coupe:

Innovative Engine IntegrationComplexity in Maintenance and Repair
– GM LS V8 offers exceptional power and torque.– Custom modifications may complicate repairs.
– Unique combination enhances performance.– Requires specialized knowledge for maintenance.
Artistic and Functional DesignPotential Legal and Regulatory Challenges
– Custom exhaust adds aesthetic and performance value.– Modifications might not meet certain regulations.
– Attention to both aesthetics and functionality.– Potential issues with registration and insurance.
Creative Engineering SolutionsCost and Resource Intensive
– Innovative use of a flipped 911 GT2 transaxle.– High costs associated with custom parts and labor.
– Overcoming technical challenges in construction.– Significant time and resources required for the build.
Forward-Thinking DesignLimited Practicality for Daily Use
– Future versions plan to improve functionality.– Design may not be suitable for everyday driving.
– Continuous improvement and adaptation.– Limited comfort and convenience features.

This analysis underscores the Bridans’ exceptional blend of engineering skill, creative design, and visionary thinking in the field of custom automotive construction. Their project exemplifies the heights that automotive passion, combined with technical expertise and artistic flair, can achieve in creating truly unique and groundbreaking vehicles.


Overall, this project showcases the Bridans’ expertise in engineering, their aesthetic sensibility, and their commitment to evolving the art of custom car creation. It serves as a prime example of how passion and creativity can redefine the boundaries of traditional automotive design and craftsmanship.

Unleash Your Automotive Passion: Dive into the fascinating world of custom car building with Nikita and Illiya Bridan’s extraordinary Porsche 912 transformation. Get inspired, learn from their innovative approach, and join the conversation with fellow car enthusiasts. Explore the boundaries of engineering and design, and ignite your own creativity. Don’t just dream – start your own automotive adventure today!

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