At Jerez, Spain, Monster Energy’s Fabio Quartararo had dominated maximum free practice sessions.

However, in the main GP, he had to compromise on the 13th position. The Frenchmen later explained why he went on to hold the 13th position.

Arm pump

The problem was Fabio Quartararo suffered an arm pump. How did it happen? 


The arm pump is nothing but blood vessels that restrict the blood coming via the heart into the forearms resulting in loss of power in the hands.

Fabio made a statement on this official Facebook handle where he was not happy.

Our race was perfect until the arm pump arrives. No more power to brake and accelerate. The Victory was in our hands, but we need to understand why we had this issue today and be ready for the next race.

Thanks for your messages / Our race was perfect until the forearm problem comes along. 

More strength to brake and speed up. The Victory was for us today, but we have to understand why we had this issue and get in shape for the next grand prize. Thank you for your messages of support

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