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Ferrari Order Books Full

In the realm of automotive excellence, few emblems evoke as much prestige as the Prancing Horse of Ferrari. A byword for luxury and performance, Ferrari’s recent Q3 results have not only showcased the brand’s enduring appeal but also underscored its robust trajectory in a transitioning market.

As the marque revels in a remarkable upsurge in demand, CEO Benedetto Vigna’s discourse with the press revealed that the fabled automaker’s order books are brimming to capacity, effectively securing production well into 2025. This unparalleled demand positions Ferrari in an enviable spot, but it also heralds a waiting period that pushes new orders towards a 2026 fulfilment. Amidst this fervour, 2023 has already marked itself as a watershed year for Ferrari, with significant sales growth and strategic moves towards electrification reshaping its storied lineage.

Ferrari Purosangue Production

The significant details from the report can be summarized and analyzed to understand the current and future state of the company:


Demand and Sales Performance:

  • Ferrari’s order books being filled until 2025 indicates an exceptionally high demand for its vehicles.
  • The growth in deliveries by 5.3% to 10,418 cars through September of 2023 suggests a strong year for the brand, outpacing the previous year’s sales.
  • This growth is especially noteworthy given that the Purosangue, Ferrari’s first SUV, hasn’t yet hit full production — a factor that could further boost sales numbers once it does.

Production and Model Strategy:

  • The limitation on Purosangue production to 20% of the annual output is a strategic move to maintain exclusivity and demand.
  • Hybrids outselling ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) models for the first time highlights a significant shift in consumer preference and Ferrari’s adaptation to the market’s electrification trend.

Ferrari hybrid sales

Electrification and Innovation:

  • The news of the Ferrari EV expected to release in the fourth quarter of 2025 signifies the brand’s commitment to electrification.
  • Progress on the development of the EV being ahead of schedule is a positive sign of the company’s innovation capabilities and its efforts to stay competitive in the evolving automotive landscape.
  • The establishment of a new factory for hybrids and electric models, operational by June 2024, underlines the long-term strategic pivot towards electric mobility.

Ferrari factory for hybrids and EVs

Future Outlook:

  • Ferrari’s projection for 2030, with an even split between hybrids and EVs (each constituting 40% of sales), along with a reduced but persistent 20% share for ICE vehicles, indicates a balanced approach towards the transition to electrification.
  • Benedetto Vigna’s comments about ICE still having a role and the potential of synthetic fuels to extend its life suggest that while Ferrari is embracing electric technology, it is not abandoning its heritage in high-performance combustion engines anytime soon.


As the automotive tapestry continues to evolve with electric threads, Ferrari’s strategic manoeuvring positions the storied brand on a trajectory that respects its heritage while embracing the future. The integration of electrified powertrains, the anticipation of its first all-electric vehicle, and the proactive establishment of a specialized factory all signal Ferrari’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The company’s projection for 2030 not only forecasts a diverse product mix but also indicates a nuanced approach to phasing in electrification while keeping the spirit of the ICE alive, potentially through advances like synthetic fuels. Through these initiatives and its steadfast hold on consumer demand, Ferrari assures its aficionados and investors alike that it remains a paragon of automotive prestige, performance, and forward-thinking.

Ferrari’s strategies and projections portray a company that respects its legacy while actively preparing for a future where electrification plays a dominant role. The CEO’s statements reflect confidence in the brand’s ongoing allure and performance, as well as a clear vision for keeping Ferrari at the forefront of automotive excellence and innovation.


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