Honda Motorcycles 2024

Honda has long established itself as a premier manufacturer of both high-performance and leisurely motorcycles. For the 2024 model year, they are doubling down on comfort, style, and versatility with a lineup that promises something for every kind of cruiser and touring enthusiast.

Key Points

  • Honda is bringing back a variety of its popular street bikes for the 2024 model year.
  • These bikes include the Fury, Rebel 1100, Rebel 500, Rebel 300, and NC750X.
  • The Fury is offered in a new Adventure Green colourway.
  • The Rebel 1100 is available in both standard and DCT options.
  • The Rebel 500 is a popular choice for both beginner and experienced riders.
  • The Rebel 300 is powered by a 286cc single-cylinder engine.
  • The NC750X is known for its convenient “frunk” and automatic dual-clutch transmission.
  • All of Honda’s 2024 street bikes will be available by January 2024.

From the sleek and rebellious chopper designs to the pragmatic and adventure-ready touring models, Honda is poised to cater to the free-spirited road warriors as well as the city cruisers seeking reliability and ease of use. Let’s dive into the details of Honda’s offerings that combine the thrill of the ride with the comfort of modern ergonomics and technology.

Cruiser Motorcycles

It looks like Honda’s 2024 lineup of motorcycles is geared towards a broad range of riders, from those who want a classic cruiser experience to those who are seeking adventure-touring capabilities with the convenience of an automatic transmission.


Touring Motorcycles

Here’s a summary of what Honda is offering in their more relaxed and comfort-focused models:

Honda Fury

  • Honda Fury: This model is a modern take on the chopper style, offering minimalism in design with an emphasis on comfort. Its price is set at $11,499.

Honda Rebel 1100

  • Honda Rebel 1100: Available in both standard and DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) variants, this bike shares its engine with the Honda Africa Twin, indicating a blend of power and smoothness ideal for cruising. The Rebel 1100T, in particular, focuses on touring comfort with built-in side cases for storage. Prices range from $9,549 for the standard to $11,349 for the DCT variant of the 1100T.

Honda Rebel 500

  • Honda Rebel 500: This model is aimed at both beginners and experienced riders who prefer a mid-sized engine and reliable performance. It’s available in standard, ABS, and ABS SE trims, with prices from $6,499 to $6,999.

Honda Rebel 300

  • Honda Rebel 300: For those seeking an even more accessible entry-level cruiser, the Rebel 300 with its 286cc engine offers an approachable seat height and an affordable price point ranging from $4,849 to $5,149 for the ABS version.

Honda NC750X

  • Honda NC750X: This bike is tailored towards riders who like adventure touring but prefer the ease of an automatic transmission. The NC750X is practical with its unique storage solution and is priced at $9,499.

Conclusion on Honda’s 2024 Cruiser and Touring Motorcycle Offering

Honda’s 2024 motorcycle range is a testament to the brand’s commitment to versatility and rider comfort across the spectrum. With the updated Fury chopper, the adventurous Rebel series, and the practical yet adventurous NC750X, Honda has meticulously curated a lineup that promises to enhance the riding experience for both seasoned and novice motorcyclists alike.

Whether it’s taking on the open road with the smoothness of the Rebel 1100 or navigating the urban sprawl with the nimble Rebel 300, there is a Honda motorcycle ready to fulfill the call for adventure or the need for a reliable daily companion. As these bikes roll onto the market by January 2024, potential riders are encouraged to explore these models further and connect with local dealers to find the bike that doesn’t just take them from point A to B, but becomes a pivotal part of their life’s journey.

The release of these bikes provides a spectrum of choices for riders with different preferences, ensuring that whether one is looking for a leisurely cruise around town or a long-distance tour, Honda has options available. It’s also worth noting that each of these models features ergonomic design choices meant to enhance rider comfort, a crucial aspect for the cruisers and tourers market segment.

Remember to contact a local Honda dealer to get the most accurate information on availability and pricing in your specific area, as these can vary. Dealers will also provide information on exact release dates, as the bikes are expected to be available by January 2024.


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