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Classic legends have made the world aware of two-wheeled vehicles and their excellent bikes. And foremost among them is Jawa and BSA.

The company was promoted in the glitzier realms from its start and has made many new converts to biking through its showroom network. 

Effective strategy

With much awareness around the need for environment-friendly solutions, a lot is expected from Classic Legends and other two-wheeled vehicle companies promoting this cause. 


How are they making this transition? Are the existing brands ready to halt business or profit-taking for a more significant reason?

Never was there an effective strategy to compete with the market leader. The auto industry has always been fiercely competitive, dominated by a handful of companies. 

In defence, Classic Legends had to reinvent its brand image to stay relevant and continue to survive. 

It had to think long term and carve a new path for itself in the years to come.

On electric BSA

In an interview with Zigwheels, CEO Ashish Singh Joshi gave insights on several aspects.

He also said electric BSA could exceptionally be a possibility.

Look what he said “Electric is an exciting phase. Regulations at a certain point in time will force you into electric. Now, what type of electric you do, and all of that, must be determined at a particular point in time. “

Further, he also gave an insight into the new R&D centre in the UK, plus there is also a possibility of electric Jawa coming future.


R&D facility in UK and electric Jawa

“We’ve established our small R&D Centre in Coventry. We now have between 12 and 15 people working from our side.

So they’re BSA employees working on it, plus numerous people are on contract, innumerable others who are helping us. 

We have a consortium of us plus five partners in there. So all of us have put in similar kind of people in our R&D centre. 

That’s the (place) where we’ll be seeing electric technology on the motorcycle emerging and putting up. 

So, I think Jawa, again electrification is something which is a very natural progression from where we are, both from an environmental perspective, again, and also from emissions, regulatory perspective.”


via Zigwheels

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