GASGAS replica models receive vibrant styling update for 2022

 GASGAS replica models receive vibrant styling update for 2022


We’ve said it before, and we’re repeating it. Start them young and keep it fun. And to ensure GASGAS plays its part in making sure the next generation of mini shredders get the best start in life. We’re pleased to announce that we’re rolling our exciting partnership with Stacyc™ into a second year. And giving the GASGAS Replica electric balance bikes a new look.

Start young

Sticking with the same two proven and popular 12eDrive and 16eDrive models. The 2022 bikes come equipped with three power modes, adjustable seat heights, and a new colour scheme.

  • GASGAS Electric balance bikes receive a fresh new look for 2022
  • Perfect for safely introducing young riders to two-wheeled fun!
  • All-action enjoyment guaranteed with a 60-minute run time.

Ear-to-ear smiles are certified with the 12eDrive and 16eDrive, boasting super-fast recharging and 60-minute run times! Easily customizable. Each bike can be modified as youngsters grow. Allowing them to discover their balance before developing essential riding skills. Ensuring a safe start to life on two wheels.

Beginning with our smallest bike, the GASGAS Replica 12eDrive is the perfect choice for little rippers making their first strides aboard two wheels. With an adjustable 13” seat height and 12” wheels. The 12eDrive is undoubtedly the best bike to safely learn the fundamentals of pushing off, coasting, and balance.

For taller or more experienced kids looking to take things offroad, the GASGAS Replica 16eDrive features a higher-spec and a high-output brushless motor that offers a little more low-end power. Thanks to its 16” wheels and strong aluminium frame. It can handle rough terrain. It is where serious shredding begins!

With each bike including a selection of number plate decals, all youngsters can style their 12eDrive or 16eDrive to look like their GASGAS Factory Racing heroes proudly. Supporters of supercross star Justin Barcia can run his signature #51. While extreme enduro fans can select Taddy Blazusiak’s iconic #111. We’ve also thrown in a #1 for all the aspiring future champions.


We’re super-excited to continue offering GASGAS Replica electric balance bikes – the best and safest introduction to two-wheeled fun. When youngsters have mastered whizzing around full-throttle on electric balance bikes. The GASGAS MC-E 5 is the perfect next step for aspiring youngsters as they dive deeper into offroad riding. With an adjustable seat height and six selectable power modes. It’s the ideal bike to discover what motocross is all about!

Check out the GASGAS Replica electric balance bikes here. Or head down to your local dealer to get your hands on one today! Availability may differ from country to country.


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