Electric Motorcycles: Navigating the Evolution with Harley-Davidson’s S2 Mulholland

The electric motorcycle landscape is ever-evolving, a testament to innovation and the relentless pursuit of sustainability and efficiency in transportation. Amidst this revolution, Harley-Davidson’s electric LiveWire sub-brand emerges as a beacon of progress, recently unveiling its third marvel: the S2 Mulholland. This cruiser-inspired motorcycle is not just a nod to the future of urban mobility but a call to arms for the bar-hopper-adoring crowd, offering a blend of style, performance, and environmental consciousness.

The Birth of the S2 Mulholland: A Glimpse into Harley-Davidson’s Electric Dreams

Harley-Davidson’s foray into the electric motorcycle segment, marked by the introduction of the LiveWire, has been nothing short of revolutionary. The S2 Mulholland, the latest addition to this electric dynasty, stands as a testament to Harley-Davidson’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

Powered by the S2 electric platform, the motorcycle boasts a 10.5kWh battery pack, delivering an impressive 84 horsepower and 194 lb-ft of torque. With a zero to 60 mph acceleration time of a mere 3.3 seconds, the S2 Mulholland promises exhilaration at every turn. However, it’s the motorcycle’s urban agility, with a range of 121 miles per charge in city conditions, that truly sets it apart.


Charging and Convenience: The Road Ahead

Despite its many virtues, the S2 Mulholland, like many electric motorcycles, grapples with the challenge of charging times and infrastructure compatibility. With Level 1 and Level 2 charging capabilities allowing for a 20-80% charge in 5.9 hours and 78 minutes respectively, there’s a clear need for improvement. The silence on the adoption of the North American Charging Standard (NACS) by LiveWire raises questions about future compatibility and convenience, underscoring the broader industry’s ongoing struggle with standardization.

Design and Sustainability: Harley-Davidson’s Eco-Conscious Approach

In a move that reflects a deep-seated commitment to environmental stewardship, the S2 Mulholland incorporates CAP Hemp bio-composites in its design—a first for the brand. This innovative use of sustainable materials extends to the motorcycle’s radiator shroud and wiring caddies, made from Hylon® Ocean recycled from ocean fishing nets, and a seat crafted from recyclable silicone.

These choices not only underscore Harley-Davidson’s dedication to reducing its environmental footprint but also signal a shift towards more sustainable manufacturing practices in the motorcycle industry.

Pricing and Availability: The Cost of Innovation

Priced at $15,999, the S2 Mulholland sits at a premium end of the electric motorcycle market. While the price tag may seem steep, especially considering the motorcycle’s range, it’s important to factor in the potential savings from state incentives available in places like California, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, among others. These incentives not only make the S2 Mulholland more accessible but also reflect a growing recognition of the importance of supporting sustainable transportation solutions.

Expanding Horizons: LiveWire’s Vision for the Future

The introduction of the S2 Mulholland is a clear indicator of LiveWire’s ambitions to diversify and enrich its electric motorcycle offerings. By leveraging the S2 platform, LiveWire has the opportunity to explore and innovate across various motorcycle genres, from urban cruisers to potential off-road variants.

This flexibility and adaptability could play a crucial role in shaping the future of electric motorcycling, offering riders a broader array of choices and pushing the industry towards a more sustainable, efficient, and exhilarating future.

In conclusion, the S2 Mulholland is more than just a new model in Harley-Davidson’s electric lineup; it’s a bold statement about the future of motorcycling. As the industry continues to navigate its way through the challenges and opportunities presented by electrification, motorcycles like the S2 Mulholland serve as beacons of innovation, sustainability, and performance.

Whether it’s the lure of near-instantaneous torque, the appeal of a more sustainable ride, or the promise of a future where electric mobility reigns supreme, the S2 Mulholland invites us to rethink what’s possible on two wheels.

Electric Motorcycles: Navigating the Future with Harley-Davidson’s S2 Mulholland – FAQs

What’s the Big Deal with the S2 Mulholland?

The S2 Mulholland is Harley-Davidson’s latest electric marvel, designed for those who dig the urban, bar-hopping scene but want to do it on something sleek, fast, and eco-friendly. It’s got a 10.5kWh battery that pumps out 84 horsepower and a whopping 194 lb-ft of torque, making it zip from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds. Plus, it’s got this cool, cruiser vibe going on that’s pretty hard to resist.

How Far Can This Electric Beast Go?

If you’re cruising around the city, you can expect to get about 121 miles on a single charge. Hit the highway, and that number drops to 73 miles at 55 mph. It’s not the bike you’d take on a cross-country road trip, but it’s perfect for your daily urban adventures or a night out on the town.

Charging: How Long Am I Waiting?

Patience is a virtue, right? For a 20-80% charge, you’re looking at 5.9 hours with a Level 1 charger or a much quicker 78 minutes with Level 2 charging. It’s not lightning-fast, but it’s on par with what’s out there. Though, we’re all hoping for quicker options in the near future.

What’s with the Eco-Friendly Brag?

Harley’s stepping up its green game with the S2 Mulholland, using sustainable materials like CAP Hemp bio-composites for its fenders and Hylon® Ocean for its radiator shroud and wiring caddies. Even the seat is made from recyclable silicone instead of the usual leather or vinyl. Plus, it comes in three colorways, including a paint-free option, to keep things even more eco-conscious.

Will It Break the Bank?

The S2 Mulholland rings in at $15,999. Not exactly pocket change, but considering its specs and sustainability creds, it’s within the ballpark of premium electric motorcycles. And hey, don’t forget to check for state incentives that could sweeten the deal.

Is the S2 Mulholland Right for Me?

If you’re all about making a statement with your ride, care about your carbon footprint, and need something that’s more at home in the city than on long road trips, then yeah, the S2 Mulholland could be your next electric dream. Plus, it’s a Harley, which means you’re getting a piece of that iconic American motorcycle heritage, electrified.

What’s Next for Harley-Davidson’s Electric Lineup?

LiveWire, Harley’s electric sub-brand, isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. They’ve hinted at using the versatile S2 platform for more models, so we might just see an off-road electric Harley in the future. Fingers crossed!

Final Thoughts?

The S2 Mulholland is a glimpse into the future of motorcycling, blending classic cruiser aesthetics with cutting-edge electric tech and sustainable materials. It’s a bold move by Harley-Davidson, proving that electric motorcycles can be just as cool, if not cooler, than their gas-guzzling ancestors. If you’re looking to join the electric revolution, this bike might just be your ticket.


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