Honda Asia-Pacific introduces all-new ADV350 in Thailand

 Honda Asia-Pacific introduces all-new ADV350 in Thailand

Honda has already had much success with its X-ADV and ADV150 adventure scooters. Therefore, it only made sense to introduce larger machines in the popular segment. 

The recently unveiled Honda ADV350 is the first product in this category from the company, and Honda has positioned the ADV as a mid-capacity offering that can handle moderate off-road riding.

It’s also good to see Big Red tackle different markets, as well. Even if we don’t get to see this type of machine in the States anytime soon, knowing it exists at all should be pretty comforting for riders out there who need something more significant than an ADV150 but are too far from being ready for an Africa Twin.

The ADV350 improves upon the existing X-ADV by

  • Increasing its size and clout and
  • Bringing some updates to the design.

Whether you’re a seasoned motocross racer or just in need of an extra dirtbike for weekend getaways, the new Honda ADV350 is an excellent choice. 

Along with being a versatile off-roader and tackling rugged trails, it gets the same advantages as a maxi-scooter, which includes everything from a large carrying capacity to more comfortable ergonomic features. 

It also features the same particular eSP+ Engine as Forza 350, which is set to take both road and off-road riders by storm.


Features and Specs

However, the updated suspension components are apart from the Forza 350. Further, it has a 37mm upside-down fork on the front and twin Showa on the rear.

Honda has unveiled future-generation Honda ADV350F in the Asian market. The versatile new off-roader comes with many features designed for long hours in the saddle. 

The ADV350F comes with a wide range of components, including handguards, a height-adjustable windshield, and LED lights. Other standard features include

  • Full digital LCD instrumentation,
  • The intelligent key system,
  • USB Type C charging connector,
  • HSTC system, and
  • RoadSnyc smartphone connectivity.

It combines muscular power with a refined, relaxed vibe for a great ride on paved and unpaved roads. It is powered by Honda’s single-cylinder 330cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected engine that makes 28.9 horsepower. Honda also put something Honda’s Selectable Torque Control (the HSTC) + Smart power to make it more efficient.

Honda also made sure it arrived with multiple shades like the Mat Carbonium Gray Metallic, Spangle Silver Metallic, and Mat Carnelian Red Metallic finishes.

The Honda ADV350, which is currently undergoing final stages of testing and debugging at an undisclosed facility in Thailand, is a more premium variant of the fellow Honda model, the ADV150. The bike is expected to be formally launched in Thailand no later than March of this year.

In terms of pricing we are yet to hear anything from Honda.

via AC Biker and Honda

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