Honda Philippines has unveiled the new 2021 X ADV. The price tag is PHP 803,000, which is close to Rs 12.1 lakh.

Honda’s ground-breaking X ADV gets a comprehensive update: more power for the engine, plus higher redline.

And revised gearbox ratios, which come hand-in-hand with Throttle By Wire management, four default riding modes.


Refined and expanded Honda Selectable Torque Control, all with no loss in fuel efficiency. 

A redesigned frame now comes in all-new bodywork, and the seat has been re-shaped for easy ground reach.

The storage compartment is usefully larger and includes a USB charger; there’s also now a glovebox.

Twin LED headlights to feature Daytime Running Lights. And a 5-inch TFT display allows smartphone connectivity via the new Honda Smartphone Voice Control System.


It’s not often in the world of motorcycling that a new line of thinking emerges to create a new machine breed. 

But Honda specialises in innovation and 2016 unveiled an entirely new concept, straight out of Honda X ADV’s left-field.

The thought processes that led to its birth? Consider the attributes of the average adventure-style motorcycle. The rugged go-anywhere appeal, an upright riding position, gives superb visibility and remarkable all-round usefulness, work or play.

Then take a look at the typical commuter; it might be a scooter or motorcycle, but it will be easy to manage in either case.

Nimble and loaded with convenience, efficiency and functional storage space. Honda’s forward-thinking engineers combined the two, and something extraordinary happened.

The machine they created had a rugged, stylish SUV image entirely at home navigating the urban sprawl.

And while arrives with all of the premium features that enable easy life in the big city. It also had the looks, engine power and chassis ability to inject every ride with the adventure promise.


The X ADV captured the essence of two-wheeled freedom in an exciting new form and garnered an army of riders worldwide. Eager for something new, and has proved itself a genuine sales success.

And, proving its off-road credentials. In the hands of seasoned Italian racer. Renato Zocchi a lightly modified version took overall Class 2 victory in the gruelling 7,000km 2019 Gibraltar Rally.

And the X-ADV is not standing still. For 2021 Honda is upping its engine performance, trimming weight.

Enhanced style and adding even more usefulness make the X-ADV even more relaxed and more desirable in the process.

Model Overview

3kW more peak power for the X-ADV’s EURO5-spec engine, plus an extra 600rpm to the redline are the headline changes. Thanks to work on valve timing and intake/exhaust efficiency.

Shorter ratios for first, second and third gears allow more brilliant acceleration, while taller fourth, fifth. And sixth ratios allow relaxed higher-speed cruising and excellent fuel economy.

Throttle By Wire (TBW) brings with it adjustable engine character through 4 default rider modes: RAIN, STANDARD, GRAVEL. And SPORT plus a customisable USER mode.

It also allows even smoother operation of the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) system, which now features three intervention levels.

The Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) features Automatic shifting schedules that link with the riding modes.

 A new frame and detail improvements save 1kg. There’s a sharper, more aggressive edge to the X-ADV’s bodywork.

And the twin LED headlights are now equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL), as used by the CRF1100 Africa Twin.


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