Honda has fully remodelled the “PCX” series of scooters, which have been well-received for their stylish appearance and environmentally friendly engines. Honda PCX 2021.

The new “PCX”, “PCX160” and “PCX e: HEV” models will arrive on January 28, 2021 (Thursday).


The PCX is a newly designed water-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, 124cc single-cylinder engine “eSP +” realizes improved output. And further fuel efficiency in a newly designed frame pursues light handling and ease of handling in daily life. 



The front and rear disc brakes come with 1-channel ABS operate only on the front as standard equipment. And Honda Selectable Torque Control is newly adopted. 


Which contributes to a sense of security on slippery road surfaces. It is a two-kind moped scooter has both a high level of environmental friendliness. 

4 valve cylinder head

Besides, we have enhanced the equipment is easy to use. Such as adopting a luggage box with expanded capacity. And equipping it with a “USB socket” is convenient for charging mobile terminals.


The PCX160 is based on the PCX and expands the engine displacement to 156cc to achieve more robust and comfortable driving performance.

Comfortable riding position

It is a light motorcycle scooter provides plenty of room and fulfilment in a wide range of driving situations, from operating in the city to commuting via the highway and touring to the suburbs.



The PCX e: HEV adopts a hybrid system based on the PCX, using a high-power lithium-ion battery as an energy source.

And adding a drive assist function to the ACG starter (motor)  is responsible for starting the engine and generating power. 

Hybrid system

\It is a two-kind scooter with a moped. By combining the newly designed engine “eSP +” with improved output with an assist by a motor.

Torque comes improved in the low rev range, and agile throttle response and high power performance come realized while maintaining high quality such as quietness.

Image of the hybrid system

Main features PCX / PCX160 / PCX e: HEV

Newly designed engine “eSP +” achieves both high output and environmental performance.

  • It has achieved high output by expanding the valve area by increasing the valve mechanism to 4 valves. And increasing the intake efficiency of the air-fuel mixture and the exhaust efficiency of the combustion gas.

  • Furthermore, in addition to reducing the sliding resistance and increasing the compression ratio by shortening the stroke of the cylinder inner diameter x stroke.

  • The piston injects engine oil to the backside of the piston enables efficient cooling and advancement of the ignition timing. It contributes to the improvement of output by adopting an oil jet.

  • By adopting a hydraulic cam chain tensioner lifter, both friction reduction and noise and vibration suppression come achieved at the same time.

  • The intake path from the air cleaner to the inlet pipe has comes expanded, and the throttle body diameter comes increased to improve intake efficiency.

  • In addition to optimizing the internal structure of the muffler and reducing exhaust resistance.

    Honda has optimized the placement of the catalyzer to enhance the exhaust gas purification performance.

    Achieving both powerful driving and excellent environmental performance at a high level.

Body and suspension provide comfortable and high-quality driving.

  • By redesigning the frame; the weight of the frame body alone comes reduced while maintaining the rigidity balance. 

  • A rubber mount handle holder is used to reduce unpleasant vibration transmitted from the vehicle body to the rider’s hands. It contributes to comfortable riding.

  • The wheels are redesign to increase the size of the tires. And the rear axle travel has comes extended, contributing to light handling and a comfortable ride.

  • Disc brakes come used for the front and rear braking devices. Besides, a 1-channel ABS operates only on the front is standard equipment.

Fully advanced equipment and various functions pursuing convenience in daily life

  • It comes with newly adopted Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). Based on the signals from the front and rear wheel speed sensors and throttle position sensor.

  • The engine torque is controlled by controlling the fuel injection amount to suppress the slip of the rear wheels.
  • A USB socket is new standard equipment in the front inner box. It makes it possible to charge mobile terminals such as smartphones, further enhancing convenience.
  • The capacity of the luggage box has expanded to 30L for the PCX / PCX160 and 24L for the PCX e: HEV. The load is improved, and the convenience is further enhanced.
  • It has a Honda SMART Key system. By carrying the smart key and approaching the vehicle. The main switch can be unlock without removing the intelligent key itself.
  • Top Box 35L Smart Key System Type” comes newly added to the separately sold genuine accessories. By linking with the Honda SMART Key system, the top box is unlocked more conveniently.

  • Not compatible with the previous model Honda SMART Key system

Flowing and high-quality styling design

  • By combining the horizontal proportions with a simple and elegant surface composition and the edge, the line makes you feel the dynamic flow. The appearance comes renewed to emphasize the advance and high quality of the PCX.
  • The colour variation of PCX / PCX160 is “Candy Raster Red” expresses high-quality clothing. “Poseidon Black Metallic” with a fearless and calm impression. “Pearl Jasmine White” with a clean and elegant appearance.

  • In addition to the four colours of “Matte Dim Gray Metallic” gives a powerful impression of metal, the PCX is also available with “Matte Cosmo Silver Metallic” offers a fresh and youthful appearance.
  • The PCX e: HEV is available in one colour, “Pearl Jasmine White,” which expresses an advanced image with a combination of white and blue.

Main features for PCX e: HEV

Efficient and compact e: HEV system fits in the PCX body packaging

  • By combining the newly designed engine, eSP + with a motor assist uses a high-power lithium-ion battery as an energy source.

  • Agile throttle response and high power performance comes achieved while maintaining a high-quality feel such as quietness.
  • Switching between two motor assist characteristics, “D mode” achieves both comfortable driving and moderate assist according to the driving situation and rider’s preference.

  • And “S mode” enhances assist and enhances sportiness. It makes it possible and provides “fun to drive” according to the driving scene.
  • In addition to the bracket on the backside of the signature lamp of the headlight and the inner lens of the tail lamp lighting part in blue. The seat is black and blue two-tone colour.

  • And the emblem dedicated to e: HEV comes adopted to enhance the advanced and high quality further. Each part of the car body comes accented to strengthen it.

Price in Japan

  • PCX is priced at 357,500 yen.
  • 160 is priced at 407,000 yen and 
  • HEX is pried at 448,800 yen

Main specifications


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