Husqvarna Norden 901 Concept vs Prototype vs Production

 Husqvarna Norden 901 Concept vs Prototype vs Production

Earlier, we did talk about the Husqvarna’s desirable concept 901. However, Norden 901 wants to stay in the news.

And our friends from Motorradonline have captured a few spy shots of the new Nordon.

Husqvarna Norden 901 spy shot: Courtsey Motorradonline

Another spy shot of Husqvarna Norden 901: Courtsey Motorradonline

The new concept had all the below goodies. To us, the original picture looks like the ideas come from Cafe Racer and the Adventure bikes.

  • The round dark headlight inspired by a Cafe Racer or preferably from Vitpilen.
  • The flat handle makes the help get the rider composure at ease.
  • The TFT dash does look good.
  • Paint scheme the glossy black with few lines near the tank the dark yellow lines below the seat looks great.
  • Luggage mounted skillfully at the rear.
  • Exhaust looks neat and clean, and that does go with the overall paint scheme of the bike.

 And we saw this Husqvarna 901 Norden concept. We said, “This is must for a production “.

Norden 901 concept


Well, when Husqvarna released the Norden 901 Concept at EICMA 2019.

We said,” This is a must for production” and we do believe Husqvarna had heard us.

Norden 901 production

However, Husqvarna hasn’t disclosed any specs. We could think about how the concept may take shape.

  • The base as we see is KTM 790 Adventure R and comes with 889 cc motor with 121 horses.
  • On the other hand, we think it may not get the same power as 121 horses and may come tuned slightly less.
  • Other features the production version may get are rear WP suspension and the USD form at the front.
  • The 18-inch rim at the rear with 21 inches at the show.
  • The concept also throws light on the two-cylinder motor comes under the colossal engine protector.
  • LEDs come with relaxed round shape and colossal fuel tank.
  • Brakes to get the covers.

Concept vs Prototype vs Production Model

We lately made a comparison of the Concept and Production. However, now there is prototype spied.

Concept vs Prototype vs Production 

The production variant image is in black and white. However, we still can find out the difference.

  • We also don’t see the crash bars in the concept, but then they could be made available as accessories.
  • The exhaust in the concept is all black while the production variant gets the silver colour exhaust.
  • Absence of the disc guards in the production variant.
  • The production variant has the license place holder and the mirrors.

Prototype vs Production Model

  • There is hardly any difference we see when we compare the prototype and the production model. All components are intact.
  • One thing we see in the spied prototype model is that it has rear pannier and we believe Husqvarna is carrying out the tests with the panniers on.

The concept is good enough to attract much attention, and it indeed did.

As for the arrival, Husqvarna is going aggressive, and we may see this production version soon in the market. 

We did say earlier Husqvarna may launch the Norden 901 this year. However, the launch date is still under the wraps, and it may go well in 2021. The Husqvarna Norden 901 price is still under the wrap.

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