Honda unveils the new CB1100RS, color lineup, price and more

 Honda unveils the new CB1100RS, color lineup, price and more

Honda has unveiled the new CB1100RS.


CB1100RS Paint Scheme

Darkness Black Metallic Pearl Hawks Eye Blue Matte Beta Silver Metallic Mat Ballistic Black Metallic Color Lineup is not changed, Matt Ballistic Black Metallic is added, and the color lineup now has 4 colors.

CB1100RS price

  • Black / Blue / Silver: 1,403,600 yen
  • Matt ballistic black metallic: 1,144,600 yen

Changes to the CB1100RS for special use vehicles of the 2020 model

The meter cover and handle are also black. The center stripe of the tank is a plain color. Comparison GIF image

  • Meter cover
  • Handle
  • Air cleaner cover

Became matte black. In the first place, 2019 black is almost blackish, so there isn’t much difference between matte black and black.

We think this is the final model. This is the information for 2018, but we dont have any information since then that resumption and successor models those that are developed.

There was a patent like that, but it seems that it was probably filed before the suspension.So it seems that the current model is discontinued.

That’s why we think it’s safer to buy the CB1100 series  before May 31, 2020.

Source : Honda Motorcycles

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