Hades 1 Pure capable to produce 217 HP

 Hades 1 Pure capable to produce 217 HP

October 2019 Update

In an update provided to us by Curtiss Motorcycles. Curtiss is very excited to share with you that Curtiss manufacturing partner Fast Radius has begun to make the proprietary components that will become Hades 1.

They are on schedule to begin to receive components in just a few short weeks. Team Curtiss is prepared (and eager) to start assembly! 

Hades 1 is promising to be a lightweight, easy, and fun to ride machine crafted from aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium. Visit there Technical Page here to view the manufacturing drawings that are being turned into hard parts as we speak!

November 2019 Update 

A while back, Hades 1 went for prototyping. Only 45 copies produced, Curtiss components are to be received by designer JT Nesbitt.

JT Nesbitt is an acclaimed designer who had joined Curtiss in June 2018 and had unveiled its first design of Hades. The plan JT Nesbitt had revealed is as below.

The designer will start to assemble the first Hades 1 prototype by November 2019. Curtiss says the components built to last, and they do have few moving parts that operate in a particular temperature-controlled environment.

Also, Curtiss has designed storage controlled technology that is said to improve by age. Interesting now it does mean the motorcycle will improve as time goes.

November 2019 Update 

A month go we provided you updates about Hades 1. The updates also had How team Curtiss is working to make final preparations for the prototype. That will be used for intensive validation and tuning this Winter.

Likewise, their manufacturing partner, Fast Radius, is busy creating all the proprietary components. Again that will be used on Hades 1 based on finalized CAD data.

December 2019 Update

Hades 1 Pure features there first proprietary, highly-modular energy storage solution (pictures below). Production begins in late-Spring 2020, beginning with two machines per week for the remainder of the year.

December 2019 Update

With Ultimate lightweight motor and compact axial flux solution. Capable of 217 horsepower. Billet aluminum housing designed to last. 

 The inverter is Lightweight, and compact advanced Cascadia Motion PM100 integrates with the proprietary Vehicle Control Unit. 

Energy Storage is 399 V system for optimized heat regulation and efficiency .Integrated Battery Management System. Proprietary modular design allowing for multi-architectural use. 

Delivery will be first-come, first-serve based on the order date, so be quick!

Available for order right now with only 1,500.00 USD down. Order here.

Source : Curtiss 

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