Honda’s new Scrambler patent, its power, release date and more

 Honda’s new Scrambler patent, its power, release date and more

It is not something new that Honda filed for Scrambler patents back in March 2018. Honda had filed a patent that is for 500 cc Scrambler.

The patent displayed to place the rider’s foot on a frame that consists of a body frame, a brake pedal, plus a master cylinder. 

That provides output to hydraulic brake pressure in response to the operation of the brake pedal are supported.

Now we see something new that Honda has filed. The patent clearly shows it is for lower displacement scrambler.  Not sure if it will get a parallel twin engine.

This patent has a very close resemblance to the Yamaha XSR155 that was released a few days ago in Japan.

The European Paten site displays the clear shots of the lower displacement Scrambler that looks modern like the Yamaha XSR155. The specs have a single-cylinder air-cooled engine. 

With round headlight and the chassis is similar to 150cc Honda Verza. The bottom doesn’t have the transverse tube again, similar to Verza.

We also see the Monoschock suspension, which is without the link and is the long swingarm that helps it.

The exhaust is chunky with a catalytic converter at the rear. The motor seat is short, and the rear fender is absent.

We can see only one single fender that is present at the rear, and swingarm fork supports it.

While we are unsure when Honda plans to bring this Neo-Retro Scrambler but we feel Honda has the plan to bring this soon.

The new Honda Scrambler may compete against the Yamaha XSR155 and may get power equivalent to it which is 20hp.

Source: Europe Patent


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Akash Dolas

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