BMW has already showcased its dynamic capability earlier in the form of Vision DC Roadster earlier.

Later this year, we also see that BMW had filed for a hybrid patent for a motorcycle.

The bike that European Journalists tested was a mix of S1000R and the rear of R 1200 RS, and the name goes by BMW E-Power Roadster is a work in progress.


The prototype that tested in France is still under development. Other important this is to put powertrain on.

However, we see several impressive specs in this prototype.

  • Usage of the final chain drive. This function capable of sending power to the rear wheel with the help of shaft.
  • The powertrain consists of components that come from BMW electric and hybrid cars. No doubt, BMW wants to use those.
  • At the center of the bike, the battery that is capable of producing 13 kW is present that comes from a hybrid 2 series, and the wheelbase arrives from 7 series. 
  • Now, all in all, the 13 kW makes it possible to churn 136 hp of power.
  • The entire package gets the battery that again works on a fast-charging method within half an hour. It charges 90 percent of the battery.

As far as further development is concerned and as per Head of BMW Motorrad Christoph Lischka, he said the prototype would be in production once the team knows how to bring the range from 125 to 185 miles.

We might see a competitive electric bike from BMWs stable in the coming years.


Source : Motociclismo 

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