The art form that you see in these paintings goes by the name Ukiyo-e. Ukiyo-e is a Japanese art form that flourished in the Edo period. 

Edo regarded as the renaissance era in Japan that not only strengthen the Japanese economy, but it is during this time the Japanese political system evolved.

They are adding more stability to Japan. The origins of Ukiyo-e go back around the 17th century. The art form did help people to get some form of entertainment via media or any other form.


What we see here are paintings with vivid colors. Now that makes this art form more interesting to see.

Several aspects that are strictly related to life are in this art form. Be it social life, erotica, flora, and fauna or sumo wrestling.

The Story 

The idea to bring Motorcycle in Ukiyo-e gets our nod as this is something fresh to look at and that too Kawasaki Ninja 1000 involved in it.

In the beginning, the Ukiyo-e painting starts with five sets of different paintings.

  • The King
  • Air Jordans
  • Armor of King
  • Painting in the Japanese language that talks about Air Jordans and 
  • Lastly, a Kawasaki Ninja 1000.

The most exciting part of looking at is the King, who is riding the Ninja 1000 carrying and protecting a pair of Air Jordans from other guarded soldiers, although there is only one soldier in this painting.

All in all, the King pulls up a wheelie on Ninja 1000 as well.

In the next photo, you see a puppet, a bottle of Jack Daniels, and the Riding King Ukiyo-e painting behind the puppet.

Well, and the puppet looks happy, we hope it has not consumed the Jack Daniels.

Source : JiJi

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